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12566[PanoToolsNG] Re: How to show Panoramas on WindowsMobile6 PPC?

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  • Keith Martin
    Sep 2, 2007
      Sometime around 2/9/07 (at 10:02 +0000) wardnet2001 said:

      >Incidentally I found this link which has some info about download
      >costs of data on mobile devices.
      >I only mobile surf on free wifi, but this illustrates another issue.

      It certainly does. And the 'Pay As You Go' (PAYG)
      charge that mentions is actually pretty much the
      standard charge that almost *all* mobile users
      (in the UK) will pay unless they have a specific
      data charge plan. PAYG in this instance refers to
      the data traffic, not the overall call charge

      This means that standard tariffs can cost users
      as much as a penny per kilobyte for data
      transfer, or £1 for around 100KB, or around ten
      pounds sterling for a megabyte.

      For these people, you'd better make sure your panos are worth the cost! :-)

      Internet plans that provide much, much better
      deals are being pushed hard now. I've been using
      a contract that charges £7.50 per month for up to
      3GB of data transfer per month. (Rather more
      affordable than the £30 I was charged last summer
      for checking news reports on my mobile while
      working at a festival one weekend.)
      I used to seek out free wifi zones, but now I
      don't worry about it. Imagine trying to max out
      3GB per month on a mobile phone! ;-)

      But on my WM5 mobile (rot its soul, where's the
      UK iPhone?), Immervision's mobile player only
      works with local content, not online stuff.

      Peter, are you saying you have the non-mobile,
      standard version of Immervision's player working
      on your WM6 phone?

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