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12562Re: [PanoToolsNG] First post

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  • Keith Martin
    Sep 2, 2007
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      Sometime around 2/9/07 (at 02:03 -0700) Pat Swovelin said:

      >It's WAY overkill for use with CS3. Read this http://tinyurl.com/ysft7u
      >for the HOWs and WHYs of why CS3 can only address 3GB RAM.
      >Darn it.

      Darn it indeed.
      Just to be clear, this is Photoshop CS3's limit, not the overall
      limit for the whole suite. You can have Photoshop grabbing its
      maximum 3GB and launch other CS3 apps as well, each using whatever
      other RAM it needs and/or is available. So 8GB of RAM (for example)
      is a good thing even though Photoshop won't be able to use more than

      But yes, darn it about Photoshop CS3's RAM ceiling.

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