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12548Re: New Panoramas for critique

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  • erik leeman
    Sep 1, 2007
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      Hi Mahmood Hamidi,

      Deval Nacka Strand has less aliasing 'shimmers' on my screen than the
      QTVR one, and in both it is most visible in the boats and some of the
      trees. Unless a viewer is capable of (hardware supported) anti-
      aliasing it will always be there if there is any sharply defined
      detail in a moving image. Make murky, low-res VR's and it's gone, and
      so will be al detail and image quality. Let's hope viewing technology
      will catch up with high quality content soon.
      May I suggest an adjustment of your FOV settings?
      With VR's like these I think it would be better to use these:
      max FOV = 80
      min FOV = 45
      initial FOV = 60
      Zooming out as far as is possible now serves absolutely no purpose
      (in my mind at least) and zooming in all the way only reveals ugly
      compression artefacts, not detail. The initial FOV of 60 makes the
      image a little more 'quiet' regarding aliasing noise without limiting
      the view too much.
      Other than that I think the image is a bit 'greyish' overall. I
      certainly don't like oversaturated images, but this looks a bit too
      flat to me. Do you use a calibrated monitor? If you don't maybe you
      should consider buying the necessary gear, it really can make a huge


      erik leeman

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