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12541Re: New Panoramas for critique

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  • Mahmood Hamidi
    Sep 1 1:20 PM
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      Thak you Jann for your response, see my comments embedded in your
      original message.

      --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, "jann_lipka" <jann@...> wrote:
      > I think your Panoramas look very good ,
      > and you have a great handling of nadir shots in most of the panos.

      Thank you.

      > Skinnarviksberget panorama looks slightly "flat" and there is a quite a
      > halo around the plane ( Tone mapping ? ) .

      That one is tone mapped all right, I have not learnt this hdr business
      very well yet, evertime I use it, my images end up very flat and too
      soft. I must be doing something wrong there...

      > In "shopping rush " there is some power lines across the street
      > and those looks slightly jaggy and pixelated.

      I'm not sure what you mean by power lines, so no comments there

      > I'm not bothered so much about shimmering in water , because it stops
      > with the movement , but maybe sharpening is giving also steps on the
      power lines .
      > Otherwise very good job with such a contrasty scene as in NK pano.

      Thank you again,
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