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12524Re: My first pano

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  • Peter Crowley
    Aug 31 1:54 PM
      --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, "bob_in_minnesota"
      <installexpert@...> wrote:
      > Hi Peter,
      > Your panoramas loaded fine for me, and look good! What sizes are
      > you using for the cube faces? The panos seem like they could use a
      > bit more resolution/contrast/sharpening. Maybe that's just becase
      > the HDR didn't work out?

      Resolution for each face would be 1026x1026. Yes the range has been
      shortened quite a bit. I think next time I'll go back and redo the
      process with a different set of images from by bracketed set and then
      manually add the detail I'm looking for. As it is, with just that one
      set, I had to decrease a lot of contrast.
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