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12514Re: My first pano

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  • Roger Berry
    Aug 30, 2007
      Hi Hans,

      I was interested to see what my Quad Core CPU would do when viewing
      more than 1 pano.
      When I got to having 4 panos open from this site
      http://www.sziget2007.com/. The autorotation did slow down and they
      got a lot of jerkyness in them when panning around.
      Here is a screen shot of my Performance Manager with the 4 panos,
      Internet Explore and screen capture open:

      Roger Berry

      > --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, "Hans Nyberg" <hans@> wrote:
      > Flash compared to Quicktime is a very CPU thirsty.
      > The same pano will use 75-80 % CPU while Quicktime uses 50-60%.
      > Also any automatic activity in Flash will consume 90-100% CPU.
      > I have pointed out for years that if you make a flash site with
      hotspots you should never
      > use any automatic animation in it. If you open a popup QTVR or any
      other pano they are
      > affected and will pan very jerky. This is still the case even if I
      now have a dualcore
      > MacBook pro.
      > Your browser is not able to use the dual cores so even if you open
      another window it is
      > affected. I just did a test using the panos at
      > The flash panos has a very slow autorotation.
      > If you open a new browser window and open one more pano as QTVR or
      Flash this pano
      > will perform very bad.
      > I tried open it in Firefox and keep the Flash pano in Safari. The
      pano panned fine as it
      > could use the second CPU. My activity monitor showed me that the
      flash pano in the
      > background used 90% CPU and my new opened flash pano in Firefox
      used 80% while
      > panning around without any jerkyness.
      > I am not sure yet if this also affects flashpanos using the
      Fullscreen option to open real
      > fullscreen.
      > Hans
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