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1190Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: hugin 0.6 - amazing!

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  • Roger Howard
    Aug 2, 2006
      On Wed, August 2, 2006 11:54 am, Yuval Levy wrote:
      > well, maybe somebody will be crazy enough to program a RAW stitcher?
      > it's just three separate stitches for the three color channels of the
      > mosaic before demosaicing :-)

      I've thought a lot about this. The easiest thing to do here would be to
      support "linearized" (de-mosaiced) DNG as input. I don't think stitching
      before demosaicing is necessary or even useful, but I'd LOVE to have a
      demosaiced RAW stitcher, so I can then perform final corrections to the
      equirectangular image in my RAW processor of choice.

      As for vignette and CA correction, I don't think, IIRC, that these steps
      are done until after demosaicing, so I see no problem in principle with
      performing these steps on processed 16bit TIFFs either. The difference, if
      any, between the two would be insignificant. If it was a concern, then
      using a linear 16bit TIFF output from your RAW file, using dcraw for
      instance, would be roughly equivalent anyhow. There's so much tonal
      manipulation happening anyhow as a result of the blending, that I tend to
      look at VC, in particular, as just a first step in eliminating seams. CA
      is different, of course, and needs to be done before remapping, but maybe
      not before demosaicing of the RAW data. Certainly, if we could stitch with
      linear DNGs we'd need to integrate CA correction into the process.

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