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1185Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: hugin 0.6 - amazing!

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  • Yuval Levy
    Aug 2, 2006
      yertletertle wrote:

      > Not everyone shoots RAW of course

      AFAIK all digital cameras shoot RAW, which is then converted by the
      camera internal RAW converter if storage on the memory card is in a
      different format.

      > If you're concerned about
      > numerical clipping and round-off inherent in VC and TCA, you can of
      > course convert your RAW to 16bit and work with that...

      This is not my concern. The RAW conversion without prior VC and TCA
      correction will have inherent flaws that will multiply themselves
      through the demosaicing/interpolation in a way that might be
      irreversible. In most digital cameras, during demosaicing, each pixel of
      the RAW image is added colour from adjacent pixels. If due to TCA the
      adjacent pixel shows a color that it is not supposed to show, the
      conversion from RAW to TIFF will be flawed. I suspect that no TCA
      correction later on will be able to revert this. It affects
      8/12/16/32bit pixels.

      Not affected are Foveon sensors. For them the hugin process of VC and
      TCA after RAW conversion makes sense. Same for the scan of photos and

      > The other *main* advantage which you didn't see is the ability of
      > Hugin to directly estimate from the resulting overlap of images the
      > radial falloff due to vignetting.

      True I did not see this. I also do not have any use for this as I have
      other methods to measure for and correct light falloff. Why reinvent the

      > So even for people who don't care
      > to go to all the trouble, the "waving vertical bands of dark" issue
      > can be improved

      I believe Autopano Pro does this too. There are plenty of ways to
      achieve the same result. IMO the VC and TCA functionalities of Hugin
      would be more useful if applied before demosaicing the RAW and I am not
      inclined to play with them just for the fun of testing a functionality
      for which I find no practical use in my case.

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