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11787Re: [PanoToolsNG] Chimney stack panorama

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  • Pat Swovelin
    Aug 2, 2007
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      On 8/2/2007 5:55 AM, Keith Martin rambled on about ...:
      > Sometime around 2/8/07 (at 02:47 -0700) Pat Swovelin said:
      >> > http://www.thehelpful.com/photos/v/family/chimney+pano+small.mov.html
      >> Cool! Were you in the house at the time, if so, how loud was the
      >> lightning strike?
      > Me, no. I was actually taking panos at a festival at the time (well,
      > I was attempting to; the rain and mud was incredible) -

      Look, if it didn't rain at Glastonbury the British economy would
      collapse in all of the confusion of music *and* sunshine at the same
      time. =8^)

      > but my wife
      > and younger son were in the house at the time.
      > She said it was ridiculously loud and that she felt it as much as
      > heard it. Her eyes were closed tight at the time (she was showering),
      > but she said she still saw an incredibly bright flash.

      Wow! How old is your son and did you talk to him about it? If so what
      did he have to say?

      > The house filled with soot (so much for the shower!),

      It was probably a plot by the local vacuum cleaner salesman.

      > both our
      > fireplaces were pushed an inch from the wall, and a number of things
      > - mainly the wired networked stuff, but also my lovely amplifier
      > (sob) - were fried.

      Did you have any computers turned on and were they projected by surge

      > (But it isn't a total disaster - the insurance company says they'll
      > cover it all.)

      Great ... then you *did* have a couple of computers plugged in, didn't
      you? Ahem, didn't you? =8^)

      > I shot two more panos while I was on the scaffolding, and I've just
      > added them to that gallery: http://www.thehelpful.com/photos/v/family/
      > They aren't as dramatic as the one with the chimney close-up, but the
      > third was taken over the space where the ladder is. I think the nadir
      > patch worked fairly well.

      Yes except you didn't blend all of the wood ... some of it looks new.

      > k

      Pat Swovelin
      Cool Guy @ Large
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