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11723Re: Convert between different panorama formats

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  • Pablo dAngelo
    Aug 1, 2007
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      Erik Krause wrote:
      > On Wednesday, August 01, 2007 at 16:36, pano.chris wrote:
      >> I just discovered this exact script last evening online (weird).
      > Not weird. It's a popular example by Ben Kreunen.
      >> I tried running it on a 4000x2000 JPEG (equirectangular) using nona and
      >> it didn't work.
      >> I replaced the 'pano.tif' with the name of my JPEG file
      >> (stitch-blended-sm.jpg) and ran the following from the command line:
      >> path\to\nona.exe -o cube path\to\this\script.txt
      >> Here's the output I get:
      >> RemappedPanoImage::remapImage(): image sizes not consistent
      >> Anybody have any ideas on this?
      > nona apparently isn't 100% PTStitcher compatible any more. Try
      > PTStitcher or PTMender instead (should be in the panotools
      > subfolder). I hope Pablo will comment...

      Current versions of nona expect w and h of the input image.
      This is important if the script contains d and e parameters, because they
      depend on the size of the input image. In such cases the script cannot be
      applied to images of different size. This is why nona expects them.

      I haven't considered the special case for (d0, e0, g0 and t0) yet, so nona
      compains. I will add a check if d and e are 0, and then just use the width
      of the input image.

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