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11700Re: [PanoToolsNG] Phase One P45 & PTGui

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  • Matthew Rogers
    Aug 1, 2007
      Hi Steve,

      I used a Hasslelblad H2 with a P45 back to create a 600 megapixel
      spherical panorama as a test. I had to output each of the three rows
      individually and then used xblend to blend the final image. So I
      think PTGui on a decent Mac/PC should easily be able to handle it.


      On 1 Aug 2007, at 08:18, stevenatownsend wrote:

      > Hi
      > Normally I use my Canon 5D and the 10.5 or 15mm lens for my panos but
      > I also have a Cambo WDS and a Schneider 24mm lens/ and Mamiya AFD with
      > a P45 digital back. I wondered if anyone has used a digital back with
      > PTGui. The P45 is a 39 million pixel back and the lens is equivalent
      > to a 17mm so will need about 8 images to output a cylindrical pano.
      > Will the software cope with this in its highest resolution? Am I
      > likely to come up against any other problems?
      > I just installed one of my panos 6 metres long in a restaurant taken
      > with the 5D and 'just' the 15mm lens which was pretty amazing in
      > quality so not sure why I need to bother!!! I just have this kit, the
      > P45 and I thought it might be awesome for larger installations.. The
      > dynamic range of these medium format backs are much better also.
      > Regards to you all
      > Steve Townsend
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