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1119Re: hugin 0.6 - amazing!

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  • yertletertle
    Aug 1 1:09 PM
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      --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, Yuval Levy <yahoo06@...> wrote:

      > > Did you have a chance to evaluate the automatic vignetting and TCA
      corrections ?
      > >
      > No and in their current incarnation they are of no interest to me. IMHO
      > the best place to correct for lens aberrations, particularly for TCA, is
      > when demosaicizing the RAW, before interpolation into TIFF. This is what
      > Adobe RAW Converter, BibblePro and SilkyPix all do. I feed corrected
      > TIFFs into my stitching tool. For such functionality to be interesting
      > in a stitching tool, it would have to take RAW files as input. I have
      > not searched for such a functionality in hugin. I'd rather see stitching
      > tools able to process HDR files than RAW files.

      Thanks for the thoughts. Not everyone shoots RAW of course, and for
      them (me) vignetting correction as a pre-stitch step makes perfect
      sense. Since it is a large scale effect, doing it at the RAW stage
      should make very little difference. If you're concerned about
      numerical clipping and round-off inherent in VC and TCA, you can of
      course convert your RAW to 16bit and work with that... everything in
      Hugin works on all the many supported data types (up to 32bit floating
      point!). See, e.g.,

      The other *main* advantage which you didn't see is the ability of
      Hugin to directly estimate from the resulting overlap of images the
      radial falloff due to vignetting. So even for people who don't care
      to go to all the trouble, the "waving vertical bands of dark" issue
      can be improved.
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