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1117Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: Smartblend speed and PTgui

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  • Joost Nieuwenhuijse
    Aug 1, 2006
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      > --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, "Dave 360texas.com"
      > <texas360dave@...> wrote:
      >> I think PTgui and Blending occurs on the Harddrive. I noticed a
      >> 1/3rd decrease in stitching/blending time when in PTgui I assigned
      >> my 80gb external hard drive PTgui workspace.
      >> I also noticed that PTgui creates TMP work files on my external HD
      >> because I found 8 of them. I ask Joost if it was safe to remove
      >> them. He said yes, PTgui 5.8.4 creates them but does not remove
      >> them after closing the program.

      Only the jpegs generated by the Preview button will be left on the
      drive; PTGui cannot delete them because the preview application may
      still be running. All other temp files are cleaned up properly.

      LoveFilm wrote:
      > I Networked my PC and Mac, and assigned the Mac's hard drive as an
      > additional temporary directory. Seemed to work well as I needed
      > access to more HD space. But would writing to the Mac's larger /
      > faster drive provide a speed benefit, especially since the rendering
      > was being done over the network?

      Depends on what the speed bottleneck is. It's quite possible that the
      networking overhead slows down the transfer speed. Just try by stitching
      a large panorama.

      Some hardware recommendations (2.18):

      > I'll have to try that again.
      > Now - what about Enblend / Smartblend. Will they also use the
      > external drive (if set as the preferred directory in PTgui's
      > preferences) to write their temp files to. I know that on the Mac
      > (when using Xblend to pBlend to Enblend combo) that the files are
      > written to the boot directory (unless Enblend is started from the
      > command line, I think).

      Enblend/smartblend will not use PTGui's temp dir setting. I'm not sure
      where they write temp files though.

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