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1097Re: [PanoToolsNG] IPIX is history

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  • Nick Crossland
    Aug 1, 2006
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      As I understood it, the software business model was built around users
      purchasing license 'credits' - e.g. to make one pano, you had to buy one

      With no one to buy credits off, does this mean that the Ipix software is now

      On 31/07/06, Roger Howard <rogerhoward@...> wrote:
      > This will surely be of interest to the members of this group:
      > http://www.knoxnews.com/kns/business/article/0,1406,KNS_376_4878369,00.html
      > Without knowing any more details, I would say that this doesn't mean any
      > real or perceived risk presented by the infamous IPIX patents goes away -
      > patents are often some most valuable items to be liquidated as part of
      > such a business collapse, and very often people who buy patents in such
      > cases are more aggressive than the previous owners about squeezing any
      > value from them that they believe may exist.
      > Nevertheless, I still wonder what this holds for the self-imposed limits
      > of the PanoTools developers, who've painstakenly/painfully avoided
      > conflict with IPIX by limiting the functionality of the mainline PT
      > library. It's not clear to me whether there has been any real threat in
      > recent years, and whether there's truly any risk left to making the PT
      > libraries fully functional (with regard to fisheyes). Of course I don't
      > expect our dedicated developers to take any undue risk, but perhaps this
      > will change the thinking even somewhat.
      > Cheers and huzzah!
      > -R

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