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Re: What happened to panoramas.dk?

... Seems to be a server problem (arounder is affected as well). Hans replied on facebook... -- Erik Krause http://www.erik-krause.de
Erik Krause
Nov 6

What happened to panoramas.dk?

I have looked several times and the website seems to be down. Anybody know what has happened? Thanks John qrpcwguy
Nov 5

Re: New version of FSPViewer

Hi Fulvio, i'm using the Linuxversion of FSPViewer and really like it for a quick check during the stitching process. The now available view parameters are a
Peter Reimer
Oct 21

New version of FSPViewer

FSPViewer is a program for locally viewing equirectangular panoramic images of any size. I have released version 2.1.0. You can find it at
Fulvio Senore
Oct 20

Re: 360 Video stitching software

Thank you Rami. On Thu, Aug 27, 2015 at 7:21 PM, rtohme@... [PanoToolsNG] < ... -- Anton Bar +972-54-6202440 Thank you Rami. On Thu, Aug 27, 2015 at 7:21
Anton Bar
Aug 27

Re: 360 Video stitching software

Hi Anton, In the latest version of Kolor Autopano Video we introduced many new options that were previously only accessible in Autopano Giga, so you really
Aug 27

Re: 360 Video stitching software

Yes, the next reply described the differences. Thank you.
Aug 27

Re: 360 Video stitching software

Thank you very much. Interestingly enough when I install Video Stitch it asks for location of PTGui. Are you aware perhaps of any other video stitching
Aug 27

Re: 360 Video stitching software

The benefits of VideoStitch are quite vast when you start processing a lots of videos. - The exposure correction with key frames that blend between. that can
Jim Watters
Aug 27

Re: 360 Video stitching software

... Really? I got the impression they use it for template creation and lens calibration only. That would be little service for 1000Ç, since you can script
Erik Krause
Aug 27

Re: 360 Video stitching software

Thank you Erik. According do their website they require PTGui to do the stitching. It seems that they sync and decode the videos but use PTGui to stitch them.
Aug 27

Re: 360 Video stitching software

... -> http://www.video-stitch.com/ no personal experience :-( Erik Krause
Erik Krause
Aug 27

360 Video stitching software

Hi everyone, I'm looking for a tool that will stitch about 10 videos into one over-under 360 video for Oculus. I'm aware of Kolor, PTGui and Hugin (well the
Aug 26

The short report about Panotools Meeting 2015

Panotools Meeting 2015 , Ljubljana, Slovenia  Sunday August, 23rd: The Panotools meeting started in Sundayafternoon in the former military prison and
Bostjan Burger
Aug 26

Re: The Future of VR - Is This All There Is?

I tried Gear VR about few months ago and many times since but was always dissapointed - no real feeling of virtual reality but beeing like in a sort of
Bostjan Burger
Aug 18
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