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Re: Nikon1 Panos Hi Norm, Putting a Nikon FC-E8 on ANY lens these days is simply wasting your time. The quality will be awful and youÆll just regret using it. With the lens
Matthew Rogers
1:22 AM
Nikon1 Panos I am starting to work out the mechanics to due panoramas with a Nikon1 camera. I'm using a Nikon FC-E8 lens artached to a 10-30 lens on a Nikon1 V1 body. I'm
Norman Shapiro
12:42 AM
Re: Ricoh Theta app For your information Ricoh - Theta will be with a booth on the Las Vegas 2014 IVRPA Panoramic Photography Conference, which will be held from May 25-31 2014
Apr 22
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Re: Ricoh Theta app Just out of curiosity... On a very low powered android phone which can only just load the spherical images from the theta site, when looking straight up at the
Bill Ward
Apr 22
Re: Ricoh Theta app https://theta360.com/s/74y Spotted this one. I might buy a Theta, curious device Bill http://billward.co/ -- View this message in context:
Bill Ward
Apr 21
Ricoh Theta app I've not posted for a long time. The (free) Ricoh Theta app on android lets you view equirectangular jpegs directly on your tablet/phone, though the definition
Bill Ward
Apr 17
Re: Stitching issues cheers for that will give it a shot over the weekend :)
Apr 17
Re: Breached Websites among PTNG subscribers according to Avira Yes, much appreciated! Roger From: PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com [mailto:PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of quentin desouza Sent: Wednesday, April 16,
Roger Williams
Apr 17
Re: Breached Websites among PTNG subscribers according to Avira I did not know if you were aware that is why I wrote to. You Roger. Regards, Quentin. ... I did not know if you were aware that is why I wrote to. You Roger.
quentin desouza
Apr 16
Re: Breached Websites among PTNG subscribers according to Avira Yes, thank you, Quentin. That was generally my understanding of the situation and I wasn’t too worried about that couple of spoof mails. My ISP’s mail
Roger Williams
Apr 16
Re: Breached Websites among PTNG subscribers according to Avira Hello Roger, I am very surprised to hear this. The point that you bake about someone sending mail from your email address can be done without knowing the other
quentin desouza
Apr 15
Breached Websites among PTNG subscribers according to Avira I recently installed the Avira app for iOS on my iPhone 5 and it reported that 29 of my email contacts had had their addresses and passwords breached, i.e.,
Roger Williams
Apr 15
Re: Stitching issues ... You are perfectly right. BTW: The NPP shift is simply due to the optical properties of the lens. If the entrance pupil wouldn't shift, 180° fisheyes
Erik Krause
Apr 15
Re: Stitching issues ...with one exception - fisheye lenses. You can't increase your overlap because that affects the yaw, which, for reasons I still don't understand, will change
Mark Fink
Apr 15
Re: Stitching issues ... Seconded. It's really easy to do a calibration shot (preferably with more overlap than a "normal" shot), because you can choose your moment, and your
paul womack
Apr 15
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Re: Stitching issues I'm sure Sacha is right in saying the fault lies in the lens parameter values. Be sure to delete all control points that are not assigned on stationary
Apr 14
Re: Stitching issues [1 Attachment] Bad a b c parameters. "Distortion values" Zero them back out and set more manual control points between images that are high in overlapping details, the right
Sacha Griffin
Apr 12
Stitching issues Hi i am trying to stitch a few photos together for a landscape however the effects are weird in the centre of each image it is circular / wavey see attached
Lloyd Duffield
Apr 12
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Magnificent Fjords & Mountains of Norway The gallery of 35 VR panoramas from the trekking and road trip in the magnificent mountains and fjords of Norway published at
Apr 11
Re: how to use coordinates Why, thanks, these replies gave me the confidence to continue. The angle of view is 18+ degrees, the number of exposures in one particular dimension dependend
Apr 11
Re: how to use coordinates I agree with Eric that your best bet is to use the "Align to grid" feature. I have found that I get better stitching results by fine tuning the horizontal and
Phill Simpson
Apr 10
Re: how to use coordinates Sprinkle some salt on first :-)
Apr 10
Re: how to use coordinates ... If you using PTGui you will be better off to use "Align to grid" feature (under Project tab). This would require to shoot in a regular pattern. More info
Erik Krause
Apr 9
Re: how to use coordinates The object is a large format negative film, so perfectly flat and level. The mechanical challenge is to keep the object distance constant during the scan.
Apr 9
Re: how to use coordinates You might want to use a telecentric lens for that operation. Especially if the subject is not perfectly flat with no depth. Stitching SW is pretty good at
Apr 9
how to use coordinates I am developing a moving xy-stage that will move the object underneath a vertical camera. It's like areal photography on centimetre scale. Since I move the
Apr 8
Photographing the Lunar Eclipse In the Moment: Michael Frye's Landscape Photography Blog Photographing the Lunar Eclipse
Apr 7
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Re: How people do this? :) Thanks Erik! :) From: PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com [mailto:PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of Erik Krause Sent: 05 April 2014 11:26 To:
Pawel Rozenek
Apr 5
Re: How people do this? :) ... Not silly at all. These panoramas are very hard to shoot... ... You won't be lucky to shoot that with your rectilinear lens. It's best done with a circular
Erik Krause
Apr 5
How people do this? :) Hi All, Maybe it is a silly question, I am amateur panorama maker, I use 14mm wide lens on FF camera. To make 360 x 180 panorama I take 12 x 3 pictures. Today
Pawel Rozenek
Apr 5
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