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Polish Paholki Mars recently issued a set of Polish Paholki 1/72 plastic figures. I can find out nothing about them. There are photographs on my blog ("Advancing in a
Dec 10, 2013
Re: Favourite Rules I'm not really playing. I'm still painting my first landskneht regiment surprise surprise. I like fog. They have all the different types of troop and most.
dean marquis
Nov 25, 2013
Favourite Rules It's been awhile since we all checked in on our favourite rules. What is everyone playing and why do you like it? Pan Mark
Nov 24, 2013
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Re: Rules & Figures Does anyone know where the british re naissance challange I'd Fot fog it does sound interesting but it's in 15s 15 mm landsknechts eeep To:
    dean marquis
    Nov 15, 2013
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    Re: Rules & Figures Those are nice figures I fd out that tag does hungarian hussars So I guess ill have to save money To: PanMark@yahoogroups.com From: Peter.Lemmond@...
      dean marquis
      Oct 24, 2013
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      Re: Rules & Figures The gentleman at http://shichitenhakki.wordpress.com/ http://shichitenhakki.wordpress.com/ has a Thirty Years War version on the SoBH rules available for
      Oct 24, 2013
      Re: Rules & Figures Very nice. The OG Wars of Religion figures tend to be a bit bigger than other ranges, although that may in part reflect the effect of the high combs on various
        Lemmond, Peter (MAG)
        Oct 24, 2013
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        Re: Rules & Figures These are Old Glory Winged Hussars charging. OG stuff tends to be more towards the traditional 25mm size, as noted earlier, but also tend to be clean and
        Oct 24, 2013
        Re: Rules & Figures I'll post pics of my OG Poles this weekend. Sent from my iPhone
        Phil Karecki
        Oct 23, 2013
        Re: Rules & Figures Old glory are very reasonable although they are true 25 mm To: PanMark@yahoogroups.com From: swrumple@... Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2013 09:55:11 -0700 Subject:
        dean marquis
        Oct 23, 2013
        Re: Rules & Figures I think ill put off hussars for a while even though wargsmes foundry makes hungarian foot and not hussars I was just informed that progloria is going to be
        dean marquis
        Oct 23, 2013
        Re: Rules & Figures Just realized you specified 17th c, not later 16th. My bad. OG ECW range are very nice, but I don’t know enough to comment on how appropriate they might be
        Lemmond, Peter (MAG)
        Oct 23, 2013
        Re: Rules & Figures I have both TAG and Old Glory figures, and although the TAG figures tend to be a bit more refined, I see them as being only somewhat so, and certainly not
          Lemmond, Peter (MAG)
          Oct 23, 2013
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          Rules & Figures Getting back into te hobby after 10 year lapse I've looked through rules sets, except F&S. Many good for background info and army lists, but too much
          Oct 23, 2013
          Re: Fire and Sword rules Bearsden miniatures appears to be out of business sinc. 2012 Thanks. Sent from Samsung Mobile
          Oct 19, 2013
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          Re: Fire and Sword rules Would polish dragoons in the polish range be acceptable in general I know wa rgames foundry has a 28 mm polish range To: PanMark@yahoogroups.com From:
          dean marquis
          Oct 19, 2013
          Re: Fire and Sword rules Do you know a manufacturer that makes good Hungarian hussars in 28 mm +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I don't know if
          Oct 19, 2013
          Re: Fire and Sword rules Artisan figures sell some really nice 28 but there range is limited to swis. And landsnechts I found some 25 mm hungarian. Hussars with leopard skins from mini
          dean marquis
          Oct 16, 2013
          Re: Fire and Sword rules Ah i dont want to be a downer but i think im going to use 60. thats what they use in FOG. Do you know a manufacturer that makes good Hungarian hussars in 28
          dean marquis
          Oct 12, 2013
          Fwd: 20% Off Coupon – Friends & Family Savings Event As the ad says, I'm sharing this. ... From: Barnes & Noble Date: Thu, Oct 10, 2013 at 6:19 AM Subject: 20% Off Coupon – Friends &
          Ed Dowgiallo
          Oct 10, 2013
          Re: Fire and Sword rules Dean,My Turks - like all my Eastern Renaissance Armies - are based on 50mm square bases, with 2 cav and 4 infantry to a base. Mark ... Dean, My Turks - like
          MARK DEGNER
          Oct 9, 2013
          Re: Fire and Sword rules what are the base sizes you have ottomen turks don't you To: panmark@yahoogroups.com From: dean_marquis@... Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2013 18:07:02 -0300
          dean marquis
          Oct 9, 2013
          Re: Fire and Sword rules sure aslong as army lists are variable I like the fog early imperial list so I thimk it might take awhile To: PanMark@yahoogroups.com From: MDegner3@...
          dean marquis
          Oct 9, 2013
          Re: Fire and Sword rules Hi Peter, It's hard to tell without actually playing them. My hunch is F&S can be tweaked for this period. We'd need to come up with some army lists. I'd
          MARK DEGNER
          Oct 8, 2013
          Re: Fire and Sword rules Hi Mark. I'm curious as to whether you think F&S is readily transposed back to the later 16th C for the Livonian wars. I'm back to working on my
          Lemmond, Peter (MAG)
          Oct 8, 2013
          Re: Fire and Sword rules Dean, Glad you enjoy them. Get them painted up so we can bloody them on the field of battle. Mark
          MARK DEGNER
          Oct 8, 2013
          Re: Fire and Sword rules I recieved those landsnkect figures from north star and the detail is incredable after spending years painting 15 mm figures they will be fun they were very
          dean marquis
          Oct 8, 2013
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          landsnechts I ordered 40 landsnkechts in 28 mm ill tell you what they look like
          dean marquis
          Sep 13, 2013
          Uprising Miniatures These may be a little out of the period but the militia may be useful for some things. http://uprisingminiatures.com/ As fans of Polish history I thought that
          Aug 29, 2013
          Re: Fire and Sword rules Phil, The FOW analogy came to my mind as well. I think they are trying to market a 'complete' wargame in much the way FOW is done. I wish them all the best. I
          MARK DEGNER
          Aug 12, 2013
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