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Re: textual analysis and interpretation

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  • jothiko
    ... in stride ... standard, ... purpose of ... significant. ... those ... sure, add that to the swastika, to the ariyan as the super man , simply forgeting
    Message 1 of 7 , Sep 1, 2005
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      --- In Pali@yahoogroups.com, Hugo <eklektik@g...> wrote:
      > Hello Robert and Frank,
      > On 8/30/05, frank <frank@4...> wrote:
      > > insecurity, whereas the skillful Satanist was nonplussed, took it
      in stride
      > > and simply responded by saying that if 616 is adopted as the new
      > > then that's what they'll use because they clearly comprehend the
      purpose of
      > > 616 and realize the label is just a label, and not inherently
      > I can't remember any more details above of the following event, but
      > somebody asked the Dalai Lama what would happen if scientists proved
      > wrong some Buddhist beliefs, he replied "we would stop believing
      > beliefs".
      > mmmm......I can see it now, the above is a proof that Buddhist and
      > Satanists are a team!! :-)
      > --
      > Hugo

      sure, add that to the swastika, to the ariyan as the 'super man',
      simply forgeting what Buddha's teaching is all about.

      but even asian buddhists, uninformed, make that mistake.
      recently in the inaugural meeting of the australian sangha
      association, in Sidney, chao khun SAMAI, the senior thai monk
      in Australia, has expressed his admiration for Hitler.
      (Hi, dear moderator - try not to cut it out...)
      so the mistake is not uncommon.
      'my kinsmen shaddow keeps me cool' the Buddha said.
      it is easily interpreted as a recourse to shallow nationalism.
      and that's too is easy to explain, when you combine military-like
      organisation and ignorance rhese things crop up.
      check out Brian Victoria's books about 'zen in war',
      the chilling night mare of commpassionless buddhism.
      but back to the subject of the thread, and one that should be of the
      and buddhism as our way of life:a real practice, with a heart.

      seems to me that a large misinterpretations of the teachings
      were part of the problem, beside romantic stupidity and disregard for
      the indian way of life as the real context, there was, and probbably
      is still, a simple lack of wisdom, which, as a buddhist reading, is
      part and parcel of goodness.
      'Lucifer' is the holder of light,
      when the 'light is seen', Mara, 'the dark one' is also seen...

      Bhikkhu Jothiko
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