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Re: pali font best for publishing

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  • depthofinfinity
    Hello, Thank you for your reply. ... a book. A translation of some stuff. ... romanized pali ... um, actually the guy i m supposed to talk to about this, i
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 24, 2005

      Thank you for your reply.

      > • What do you want to publish?
      a book. A translation of some stuff.

      > • Do you intend to use Romanized Pali or Asian scripts?
      romanized pali

      > • What software are you using to format your documents?
      um, actually the guy i'm supposed to talk to about this, i sort of
      don't like him very much. while we're on the topic, can you tell me
      which software you regularly use?

      > • Is it for small print-run laser printing, commercial printing,
      or web
      > publishing?
      by "commercial printing" do you mean sending it to the publisher? or
      does it mean printing for sale (word "commerical")...we're going to
      send it to the publisher i think, but i don't think we're going to
      make it for sale.

      > • How would you define "best?"
      nice and clear dots over and below the letters, nice and clear bars
      over the vowels (and of course, nice and clear letters)...because
      i've seen certain chanting books and the bars are so thin they're
      hardly visible.

      Would you still recommend "Bitstream Goudy Old Style" or "Garamond"?
      I have done this once before with "tahoma" fonts, but i'm not sure
      if they're professional-looking.

      You're like a pali font expert, huh. Thank you for sharing your


      > I mostly use a customized version of Bitstream Goudy Old Style, or
      > customized variant of Garamond. Due to copyright restrictions on
      > distributing edited commercial fonts, I'm currently creating my
      own font.
      > It is designed to match the letter spacing of Bitstream Goudy Old
      Style to
      > minimise my work in reformatting documents if I change the font.
      See this
      > thread on the High Logic Font Creator Forum.
      > http://forum.high-logic.com/viewtopic.php?t=1006
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