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Re: [Pali] Palitrans 2.0 - Release Announcement

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  • John Kelly
    Andy and others, I m no longer having any problem with the Times_Norman font in the new Palitrans. I must have been doing something weird before. My
    Message 1 of 2 , May 25, 2002
      Andy and others,
      I'm no longer having any problem with the Times_Norman
      font in the new Palitrans. I must have been doing
      something weird before. My apologies for the false
      I endorse the new version with no reservations now.
      Thanks very much, Andy.
      This is very useful.
      --- Andy <721910352@...> wrote:
      > Dear Venerables; Hi Group;
      > (Hi John: Thanks for posting the file and the
      > warning to the group about
      > your problems using the Times_Norman font. Could you
      > send me off-list more
      > info about your troubles with the Times_Norman
      > font?)
      > Palitrans 2.0 is now available in the Files section
      > of the group. The zipped
      > file is only 250Kb.
      > Palitrans is free, and for free distribution. It
      > runs under Windows 95 or
      > better. It does not run on Chinese Windows 2000
      > computers.
      > The zip file includes:
      > a) the software program
      > b) a very short "QuickStart Tutorial"
      > c) a ready-to-go "custom transliteration table"
      > ("Western 12.txt")
      > A person who uses more than one language on their
      > computer may also find
      > Palitrans helpful - even if they are *not* studying
      > Pali. This could be a
      > student, a teacher, or even a businessperson. I know
      > of at least one person
      > in Germany that is using Palitrans to enter French
      > language texts. Other
      > possibilities might be: A student of Spanish in the
      > USA, or a businessperson
      > writing French in Canada.
      > A Pali person may enjoy the special, "built-in" Pali
      > features.
      > Short Overview of Pali Special Features
      > 1. The "Ultimate Grammar Checker". This is just a
      > button on the toolbar that
      > pops up some help text about Right Speech. :-)
      > 2. Pali transliteration in 5 Pali fonts. In other
      > words, you choose a Pali
      > font. Then you type using the standard
      > transliteration style. As you type
      > the characters are converted to the correct Pali
      > characters in that font.
      > NOTE: so that you can type "n as a real quote
      > (example: "now is the right
      > time") you need to use !n or nnn to get the
      > overdot-n character.
      > 3. In-place font conversion. You select some Pali
      > text in a Pali font,
      > choose a new Pali font, and the font is converted.
      > 4. Handy "Copy and Paste" from the CSCD. Palitrans
      > will clean out most of
      > the extra return characters and other formatting
      > codes. This means that you
      > get a "clean text" to work with. You can:
      > - select the text of the CSCD with your mouse
      > - press "Ctrl-C" to copy the text to the clipboard,
      > and
      > - use a special button "Paste from CSCD" to paste
      > the text into Palitrans.
      > 5. This next feature can be used in many ways. You
      > may find it handy for
      > email work.
      > You can "Copy and Paste" text from an email that
      > uses standard
      > transliteration, select the text, and convert it to
      > a Pali font.
      > Also: you can create an email message in a Pali
      > font, select the text, and
      > convert it to standard transliteration, and then
      > "Copy and Paste it into an
      > email.
      > Last but not least: if you "Copy and Paste" a quote
      > from the Pali Canon into
      > Palitrans using the "Paste from CSCD" feature, you
      > can convert the entire
      > quote to standard transliteration style for
      > inclusion into an email message.
      > This may help people who need to include a longer
      > Pali quote into their
      > email messages.
      > This message was created using Palitrans.
      > (Thanks to everyone who helped test Palitrans!
      > Please download the latest
      > version.)
      > If you wish to forward this email, you have my
      > permission.
      > sotthi!
      > from
      > Andy
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