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Buddhadatta' Pali-English Dict. - correction

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  • Bittar Gabriel, PhD, Geneva University
    Dear Pali community, Excel 4 and 5 limit the numbers of rows to 16384. I have thus inadvertently left out the last part of Buddhadatta Pali-English Dict. that
    Message 1 of 1 , May 8, 2002
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      Dear Pali community,

      Excel 4 and 5 limit the numbers of rows to 16384. I have thus inadvertently
      left out the last part of Buddhadatta' Pali-English Dict. that I have
      uploaded on the site. So here is it again, complete, as a tab-separated
      text file, at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Pali/files/dictionaries/

      I have opted again for the Velthuis scheme of translitteration, but the
      nasal velar character n overdot ("n in the Velthuis scheme) has been
      rendered simply as n. After all, it only appears before k(h) and g(h), and
      it is the only nasal before these gutturals. Consequently, there is no loss
      of information in proceeding in this way.

      Some errors have also been corrected :

      In the Dict. it should be:
      accharaasa"nghaata, not accharaasa.nghaata
      attaa, not atta
      u.nhiisa, not unhiisa
      kaamapa"nka, not kaamapa.nka
      the waning moon fortnight (from full to new moon), for kaa.lapakkha, not
      the moonless fortnight
      catura"nginii, not caturanginii
      catutthii, not cattutthii
      .ta"nka, not .tanka
      bhikkhunii, not bhikkhu.nii
      muti"nga and mudi"nga, not muti.nga and mudi.nga
      the waxing moon fortnight (from new to full moon), for sukkapakkha, not the
      bright half of a month
      plants and animals: it should be uppercase for the Genus name, lowercase
      for the species name (not systematically corrected)

      Main typing errors in the original electronic version, corrected by me:

      double (and wrong) entries suppressed for
      sa.myojana ; seven compound words with katha.m ; cha.la.msa

      ñ (tilde n) problems solved for a dozen words

      ta.nhiiyi, dentavida.msaka, braahma.nakaññaa, bhi.msana(ka), la"nghaapeti,
      laapuka.taaha, bhu.m+kar+o for bhu"nkaroti, vi + lagh + .m + a and vi +
      lagh + .m + e for vila"nghati and vila"ngheti, samukka.mseti etc.

      it's Nauclea cordifolia for kadamba, not Cordiforlia.



      Jacqueline "Gotamî Jîvarakkhî" Bittar
      Dr Gabriel "Ananda Jîvasattha" Bittar,
      PhD University of Geneva
      phone +61 8 8553 7442 , fax +61 8 8553 7444
      mob. ph. +61 4 2743 5148

      Institut Suisse de Bioinformatique
      Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
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      Université Bouddhique Européenne

      À Bientôt Seayu Lodge, http://www.seayu.com
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      South Australia 5221

      GMT +9h30 (allow for +1h when "summer time" in SA)

      a'niccâ vata san'khârâ
      ( a'niccaa vata san'khaaraa )
      "impermanent are structural processes"
      "instables sont les flux structurels"
      Siddhârtha (Siddhaartha) Gautama Buddha
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