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RE: [Pali] Re: Input Easy software version 1.4

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  • Andy
    Hi David! I don t have a web site, and I am not certain how long I will be online again. So, I have no plans for getting a new web site established. About
    Message 1 of 4 , May 1, 2002
      Hi David!

      I don't have a web site, and I am not certain how long I will be online
      again. So, I have no plans for getting a new web site established.

      About CNET/download.com: I would prefer to have the software files in a
      group list like this. (Hopefully, Yahoo won't go bankrupt!) If people in the
      group test my software and find it beneficial, then they can upload it.
      Having the files in a group list like this is effective because it makes the
      list more attractive to Pali people. Also: posting them here also means that
      229 Pali people around the world will know about it. Good old grapevine
      power :-)

      On the other side of the coin: About mirroring the files. You can do
      anything you want with them except charge money for them. If you wish to put
      them on a web site, a CD, email them, copy them to diskette and share them -
      that's all fine with me. I put everything under the GNU General Public
      License for this reason: If I had *no* copyright on them then someone could
      just "claim them"; copyright them "All Rights Reserved"; charge for them;
      AND prevent *me* from giving them away free as daana! (in fact, under USA
      law, they could then actually sue *me* for the total retail value of *my
      own* work that I gave away!)

      There are quite a few innovations in my software that are not implemented in
      a smooth, user-friendly way. In other words, a basic user can use the
      software easily, but they may not really be able to figure out what some of
      the features are or how they work (unless they are a geek or have coaching
      from me).

      I do this to protect the ideas/innovations. By establishing the idea(s) and
      a functional implementation of the idea(s) in the software I share, nobody
      can prevent me (or anyone else) from using those ideas in free software.
      There are many very innovative features in my software. It's simply lack of
      time and money that keep me from implementing them up to a "super-duper
      quality" in my free software.

      Even Palitrans 2.0 "suffers" from this effect. To enter a Pali text couldn't
      be easier. To use English+Sinhalese+Pali+French+Norwegian in one document is
      also easy - once you figure out the few basic things needed to set it up. I
      put the innovation into the software now to protect it for future free
      software by me or anyone else.

      And finally: if you are creating work that you would like to share for free
      as (for instance) a word processor file or a spreadsheet - you may wish to
      use the GNU "Free Documentation License" for your electronic work (for the
      same reasons above that apply to software).

      Great to hear from you!



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      Andy wrote:
      > Note: for anyone unfamiliar with my software - it's all free under the GNU
      > General Public License. If you have a copy of the software and a friend is
      > interested in trying it out, then you can just copy it to a diskette and
      > give it to them. There is no "special access code" that you need to use
      > software. The software runs under Windows 95 and above.

      Hi Andy,

      Welcome back. And thanks for your efforts in developing software for Pali.

      I would be interested in the list of the most common Pali words. So please
      do post it or upload it to the files section.

      About your software, do you still have a web site? Have you thought of
      submitting your files to large file sites such as CNET (download.com),
      etc. where they may have a more "permanent" location? Also, if people are
      willing to "mirror" your files, can they put them up on their web sites?

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