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Re: Upaadaanakkhanda

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  • bodhi2500
    Hi Dimitry Thank-you for the reply Dimitry. Aggregates of clinging sounds great. Anumodanaa. ... aggregates ... clinging, ... best
    Message 1 of 7 , Apr 30, 2002
      Hi Dimitry
      Thank-you for the reply Dimitry. "Aggregates of clinging"
      sounds great.

      --- In Pali@y..., "Äìèòðèé Èâàõíåíêî (Dimitry Ivakhnenko)"
      <sangha@i...> wrote:
      > b> I have seen "upaadaanakkhanda" translated in many ways ie.
      > b> affected by clinging, aggregates that are a condition for
      > b> the clinging aggregates, aggregates subject to clinging etc.
      > b> "Aggregates that are a condition for clinging" seems to me to
      > b> convey the meaning, thought it is a rather bulky translation.
      > I would say "aggregates of clinging". This would convey several
      > meanings:
      > - aggregates being material support or fuel;
      > - aggregates connected with clinging (as cause or object).
      > There's nobody who clings, so aggregates are both cause and object.
      > When clinging ceases, aggregates cease.
      > The condition (paccayo) for 'upaadaana' is 'ta.nhaa'.
      > Rather 'upaadaana' is a condition for 'khandhaa'.
      > Mettena,
      > Dimitry
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