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Hello Andy from Kangaroo Island

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  • Bittar Gabriel, PhD, Geneva University
    Hello Andy, I m so glad you are back . Greetings from Buddhayatana, Kangaroo Island. There are a number of things I had wished to discuss with you, but now I
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2002
      Hello Andy,

      I'm so glad you are "back". Greetings from Buddhayatana, Kangaroo Island.

      There are a number of things I had wished to discuss with you, but now I
      know why my emails got unanswered.

      I will try, in this first exchange, to be short and to the point.

      1. I am VERY interested in your Pali forms list. I think it's a very clever
      way to address the issue for beginners - and in fact, it's the way I taught
      myself Pali : I would quickly scan a Pali text, look for the most frequent
      words, look in a dictionary for these, and thus build up progressively my
      vocabulary - but I must say I had learned the basic grammar first, to have
      an understanding of "forms".

      2. I use an old Mac. For reasons I would like to discuss further with you,
      many of of the non-ASCII characters in a Pali TrueType font used under
      Windows OS give totally different characters on MacOS. I do not understand
      the reason.

      3. For the Mac users, would it be possible for you to create your Pali
      forms list in a single document under the Velthuis scheme (aa for a long
      etc.), and send it to me?

      5. I am not altogether convinced by this Velthuis scheme, particularly in
      relation with the aa, uu, ii, "m and "n forms. Aren't there better,
      biunivocal alternatives? Aren't these syllables with a caret wholly
      ASCII-compatible ? I.e., â, û and î.

      6. I have been working for years on a basic design for a website that would
      provide "wisdom texts" in Pali, Sanskrit, Greek etc., on a per subject
      basis. I am in no hurry on the matter, and I would like to discuss
      thouroughly the matter with an expert like you before setting up anything.

      7. You would be most welcome at Buddhayatana, Kangaroo Island, and we could
      make you discover this marvelous island.


      Gabriel Jîvasattha Bittar

      Jacqueline "Gotamî Jîvarakkhî" Bittar
      Dr Gabriel "Ananda Jîvasattha" Bittar,
      PhD University of Geneva
      phone +61 8 8553 7442 , fax +61 8 8553 7444
      mob. ph. +61 4 2743 5148

      Institut Suisse de Bioinformatique
      Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
      email: bittar@...

      Université Bouddhique Européenne

      À Bientôt Seayu Lodge, http://www.seayu.com
      email: bittar@...

      Buddhâyatana, http://www.buddhayatana.org
      email: buddhayatana@...

      4/5 Warawee road / 34 Falie court
      PO box 281, American River, Kangaroo Island
      South Australia 5221

      GMT +9h30 (allow for +1h when "summer time" in SA)

      a'niccâ vata san'khârâ
      ( a'niccaa vata san'khaaraa )
      "impermanent are structural processes"
      "instables sont les flux structurels"
      Siddhârtha (Siddhaartha) Gautama Buddha
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