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General Stuff for my old web site users

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  • Andy
    Hi! I was reading some of the past messages and noticed that my name came up. a) Unanswered email Many apologies to the people who were in my inbox last
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 27, 2002

      I was reading some of the past messages and noticed that my name came up.

      a) Unanswered email

      Many apologies to the people who were in my "inbox" last November. I not
      only took down my web site at the time, I also stopped using email (until a
      few days ago). I simply had to "let them go". All outstanding messages were

      And apologies to people who might have tried to use the email address(es) in
      the software over the last six months. As you know, the email address(es)
      were invalid.

      b) Paliwords default button "copyright".

      I tested Paliwords 4.0 handling in several ways before I released the
      software. Due to the fact that a person can switch between "looking up Pali
      entries" and "looking up English entries" I found no method better than the
      one I finally decided upon - the user simply clicks on the appropriate
      button ("Find Pali / Find English").

      Since I had to choose a default button, I decided on the copyright button.
      This was to:
      a) emphasize that the words and software were free and could not be sold and
      b) make it easier to find my email address in case a person had questions
      about the software (oh well...)

      But here is a tip for typers: You will notice that each button has one
      letter in the text underlined. This is standard "Windows". If you type
      "Alt-p", you "press" the "Find Pali" button. If you type "Alt-e", you
      "press" the "Find English" button. I felt that this would let people who can
      type easily remember and use the buttons without having to reach for the
      mouse each time.

      c) The web site

      Over the year 2001 I had four web space name changes forced on me by my
      Internet Service Provider. There was nothing I could do about it. There I
      was, trying to get a quality and reliable web site going. There they were:
      forcing web addresses changes.

      (Very short form: Oanet had an abuse problem and interface problem which
      made them change the address and take down access so, in an attempt to get a
      reliable web space, I moved to the huge company Roger's Cable which then
      sold their Internet customers to Shaw Cable which was using Excite as web
      space host. Excite then filed for bankruptcy which forced Shaw Cable
      customers to move yet again. Sigh...)

      So, what I am considering is this: would the group like me to post my
      software (and the source code?) into the files section of this group?

      Right now, this would be (without the source code):
      a) Paliwords 4.0 (the electronic dictionary - about 1 Mb zipped)
      b) Palitrans 1.0 (the mini-word processor for Pali - about 100K zipped)
      c) The 600 little mp3 sound files which are the vocabulary words of Ven.
      Narada's "An Elementary Pali Grammar" (about 2 Mb. zipped)

      peace from


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