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  • Dhammarato, Bhikkhu
    dhammarato@yahoo.com has invited you to join the WatGreensboro group! Hello Friends There is a new group forming WatGreensboro that will allow discussions
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 28, 2005
      dhammarato@... has invited you to join the WatGreensboro group!

      Hello Friends

      There is a new group forming 'WatGreensboro' that will allow discussions on the Buddha's methods of training monks, specifically the Anapanasati method of mental development that leads first to a mind free from hindrances and eventually freedom from all stress and suffering, free from feelings and perceptions that block the way to a happy life.

      Wat Greensboro, under the direction of Maha Somsak Sambin is opening the Wat from its more traditional duties and services to the Cambodian community to allow Western men to ordain as Bhikkhus and receive training in the United States. Also there are free periodic week long retreats offered to give an in-depth experience of the mental training.

      All who are interested in this mission of training monks or interested in the training process or the meditation practices of Anapanasati-Satipatthana, please join.

      Thank you all.

      Phra Achan Dhammarato, Bhikkhu




      Click the below link to Join the group ������������������


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      Phra Achan Dhammarato, Bhikkhu
      Wat Buddhayana Greensboro Buddhist Center
      2715 Liberty Road
      Greensboro, NC 28173
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