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Re: Pali script

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  • sakyaumanathan
    Namo Buddha I am a new member of Pali Group and a new learner of Pali Language. But I strangly belive that Pali was the language of my fore-fathers. We lost
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 26, 2002
      Namo Buddha

      I am a new member of Pali Group and a new learner of Pali Language.
      But I strangly belive that Pali was the language of my fore-fathers.
      We lost our anciemt language due to various social, historical
      reasons. Pali was the first language in India which was litrary
      having with Gramer and script and all other script and gramers were
      developed on the basis of that.

      The Devnagari, Tamil, Sinhali, Telugu etc. have direct link with Pali
      Script. we call this as Parami or Brami. Bodhisatta Asoka used this
      for his inscription. For long time it was unearthened. Since the
      language of Pali cannon and Asokan inscription differs due to the
      time gape. some historians call Asokas' Pali languag as Prakrit
      (ardha-Magadhi means half Magadhi)

      So people are not awre of this script. There are many alphabets used
      by Asoka pronunced differently by different linguistic group in India.
      eg. l is pronunced as eh, r etc.

      with metta
      Bavatu Sabba Mangalam

      --- In Pali@y..., "Gabriel Bittar, PhD, Geneva University"
      <buddhayatana@k...> wrote:
      > >A couple of questions:
      > >
      > >Does Paali have sandhi between words, as does Samskrta? (It would
      seem not,
      > >from what I've seen, but I just want to check that out.)
      > >
      > >In which script is Paali most usually written? I am familiar with
      > >Devanagari script, but I've seen Sri Lankan websites where the
      Paali is
      > >written in Sinhala script. *Is* there a "normal" script for Paali,
      or is it
      > >simply written in whatever script the writer normally uses, i.e.
      > >script for Sinhala-speakers, Devanagari script for speakers of
      > >Samskrta/Hindi-speakers, and presumably Roman script for speakers
      > >European languages?
      > >
      > >Metta,
      > >Doug
      > Dear Doug, welcome. From the way I understand the somewhat complex
      > of Pâli, it is mainly a vernacular language which has been put into
      > in different places using the main local script available at the
      time. So I
      > do not think there is a "normal" script, but there is the point
      that some
      > of the most ancient texts available, or those serving to define the
      > are indeed written in Sinhala or Burmese or Sanskrit etc.
      > Mettâ-cittena
      > Gabriel Jîvasattha Bittar
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