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OT - off topic subject TO LENNI

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  • Renuka Weerasekera
    Hithawath Lenni, Oba lipiyata bohomath sthuthy. Ema Sinhala lipiya mata mahath sathutak duni. Enamuth, an ayage pihitata den ingrisiyen liyannam. (Dear Lenni,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 9, 2002
      Hithawath Lenni,

      Oba lipiyata bohomath sthuthy. Ema Sinhala lipiya mata
      mahath sathutak duni. Enamuth, an ayage pihitata den
      ingrisiyen liyannam.

      (Dear Lenni,

      Your letter has my profuse thanks. That sinhala letter
      to me great joy gave. Yet, for others benefit, now, in
      English shall write.)

      I translated the above as you can see almost verbatim
      yet grammatically - isn't Sinhala a beautiful lyrical
      language with wonderful cadences? I love it, but
      unfortunately learnt to do so only in my adult life.
      My school days I gave my love to English Literature
      though I studied the ancient Sinhalese literature too.
      They, like Chauser's English (which I studied only in
      modernised form) were too heavy - or so I then

      I would love to meet you. I have 2 Sinhalese friends
      here both married to your fellow men, from Wattala a
      Roman Catholic and from Matale a buddhist. In Schuby
      there is another, and Hamburg has scores, but very few
      Sinhalese couples and even fewer buddhist couples from
      what I hear. So far only Tissa & I and another that I
      know of, and I have met also only 3 other females so
      far. There are also yet no Theravadin temples or
      priests that I have been able to find in North Germany
      - heard of a sole buddhist temple in Hamburg - a
      Vietnamese one. Luebeck has a Karma kagyi group but
      I'm very ignorant about that system. Any information
      on Theravadins? I'm longing to give a sangika dana - a
      traditional alms offering. Matale girl visited the
      Bonn temple recently - we are waiting till the priest
      visits Hamburg again but getting 4 priests seems to be
      near impossible.

      When were you in SL? Were you at Meetirigala? (You
      dont have to reply if you dont want to.) It's Ven
      Nanarama's forest hermitage off Colombo, in the Mahasi
      Sayadaw method of meditation, isn't it? In 1997 the
      Kamattanacharya there was a priest from Kandy -
      Peradeniya, who had trained in Thailand - Bhikku
      Dhammajiva. I too have a little reservation about
      Amitha Gavesi priest meditation group (though not
      about the priest ofcourse) mainly because the study
      group they had off Kandy at Pallekele though very
      populer was so very huge. And inevitably, as the
      Blessed one said, idle talk. My personal prefernce too
      is for the Ven Kassapa/ Dhutanga/Thai forset tradition
      type meditation- seclusion, & great unremitting
      effort. I hoped to be a renunciate, and still hope so.
      Perhaps, I will be so blessed. But this is mostly a
      secret wish not confided openly to family and friends.

      If you like you can reply direct to me. I think the
      list is mainly for PALI studies, so it may be unfair
      to others to write on off list subjects even though I
      put OT on the subject line. Sorry for the delay in
      reply - I'm down with the 'gripper' for the first time
      here - I'm about finished with this cold.

      With much metta,

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