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Meditation Retreat April 9 - 17

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  • Dhammarato, Bhikkhu
    Meditation Retreat Wat Greensboro, North Carolina April 9-17, 2005 A Meditation Retreat for all levels of practice led by Phra Achan Dhammarato, Bhikkhu
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      Meditation Retreat

      Wat Greensboro, North Carolina

      April 9-17, 2005

      A Meditation Retreat for all levels of practice

      led by

      Phra Achan Dhammarato, Bhikkhu

      Sponsored by Wat Greensboro

      �Bringing Deep Joy and Happiness into Daily Life�

      WHERE: Greensboro Wat, Greensboro, NC 2715 Liberty Rd., Greensboro, NC 27406 (Call 704-996-6252 for information about the retreat center.)

      WHEN: April 9 Saturday at 9:00 AM, ending 2:00 PM Sunday April 17. (Check-in starts Friday Evening April 8)

      COST: The retreat is free. No one will be turned away. A Dana is being asked to help cover the cost of food cooking, and travel expenses for the teacher.

      Phra Achan Dhammarato has lived in South East Asia and India since 1975 studying and practicing Buddhist meditation for over 28 years with teachers in India, Burma and Thailand. He studied Meditation in India with several teachers including four years with S. N. Goenka. He was ordained by Upajaya Kassa Thero in 1984 near Wat Suan Mokkh in South Thailand and again by Upajaya Candupamo a few years later. There he studied with Ton Achan Bhikkh� Buddhad�sa for five years, teaching and leading retreats for Westerners and visitors at International Meditation retreat center close to Wat Suan Mokkh. Living now in North Carolina, he stays at the various Buddhist Monasteries in Charlotte, High Point and Greensboro. Phra Achan has many students of meditation and teaches dhamm� and vipassana meditation on a regular basis. He has a Masters degree from University of Oklahoma, PhD in Clinical Psychology from Kennedy University and has been combining spiritual practice and Clinical Psychology for
      28 years to form a Clinical Buddholigy.


      The retreat session is 7 days long. (4 days minimum period requested.)
      The retreat covers the basics and in depth particulars of Anapanasati meditation, including both Sam�dh� and Vipassan�.
      The retreat will be held in noble silence observing 8 precepts.
      Participants will be asked to wear white and keep the precepts.
      The retreat offers a temporary ordination to wear the robes. The ordination is not mandatory but is encouraged and offers a unique experience. It will be supported by the Sangha of the area.
      Each student meets daily with the teacher during the retreat.
      Dhamm� talks may be open to the public in the evenings. At 7:00 PM
      Housing and meals will be supplied.

      PLEASE BRING: We will be sleeping at two houses and can have about 30 to attend. You are asked to bring a sleeping bag to make up your bed. Please bring a towel and toiletries. We will be using two residences for the retreat. It�s actually quite comfortable. Meditation huts will soon be available.

      ARRIVALS: Use the Piedmont Triad International Airport, GSO Greensboro, NC to arrive to the retreat. Call the Greensboro Wat (704-996-6252) to arrange for pick-up if needed in advance.

      REGISTRATION: by email to Dhammarato@... with Subject line Register Greensboro. For registration or call 704-996-6252 For information about Wat Greensboro or directions, call 704-996-6252

      Phra Achan Dhammarato. Hope to see you there!

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