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Pali - Every few days - [B184]

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  • John Kelly
    Pali - Every few days - [B184] Gair/Karunatillake - Chapter 10 – Readings Ex. 2 (Part 3 of 3) Raajaa tathaa kaaresi. Itaro’pi kattariy’aggena saa.niya.m
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2004
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      Pali - Every few days - [B184]
      Gair/Karunatillake - Chapter 10 � Readings
      Ex. 2 (Part 3 of 3)

      Raajaa tathaa kaaresi. Itaro�pi kattariy�aggena
      saa.niya.m chidda.m katvaa, purohitassa ra~n~naa
      saddhi.m kathentassa mukhe viva.tamatte ek�eka.m
      ajala.n.dika.m khipi. Purohito mukha.m pavi.t.tha.m
      pavi.t.tha.m gili. Pii.thasappii khii.naasu
      ajala.n.dikaasu saa.ni.m caalesi. Raajaa taaya
      sa~n~naaya ajala.n.dikaana.m khii.nabhaava.m ~natvaa
      aaha: �aacariya, aha.m tumhehi saddhi.m kathento
      katha.m nittharitu.m na sakkhissaami. Tumhe
      atimukharataaya naa.limattaa ajala.n.dikaa gilantaa pi
      tu.nhiibhaava.m naapajjathaa�ti.

      The king did so. Then the other made a hole in the
      curtain with a scissors tip, and threw this goat dung,
      one piece after another, into the open mouth of the
      high priest while he was talking to the king. The
      high priest swallowed what had entered into his mouth.
      The cripple shook the curtain when the goat dung was
      spent. With this signal, the king knew that the goat
      dung was exhausted and said: �Teacher, when conversing
      with you I would not be able to conclude the
      conversation. You, because of your garrulousness, are
      swallowing about a cupful of goat dung since you would
      not become silent�.

      Braahma.no ma.mkubhaava.m aapajjitvaa tato pa.t.thaaya
      mukha.m vivaritvaa ra~n~naa saddhi.m sallapitu.m
      naasakkhi. Raajaa pii.thasappigu.na.m pakkosaapetvaa
      �ta.m nissaaya me sukha.m laddhan�ti tu.t.tho tassa
      sabba.t.thaka.m naama dhana.m datvaa nagarassa catuusu
      disaasu cattaaro varagaame adaasi.

      The Brahmin became downcast and from then on he was
      unable to open his mouth to converse with the king.
      The king summoned the cripple, and thinking �Because
      of him, I have obtained happiness�, pleased, he gave
      him an eightfold gift of wealth, and four hereditary
      villages from the four directions of the town.
      (DhpAk, Sa.t.thikuu.tapetavatthu)

      Metta, John
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