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Pali - Every few days - [B183]

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  • John Kelly
    Pali - Every few days - [B183] Gair/Karunatillake - Chapter 10 – Readings Ex. 2 (Part 2 of 3) Ath’ekadivasa.m raajaa uyyaana.m gacchanto ta.m padesa.m
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2004
      Pali - Every few days - [B183]
      Gair/Karunatillake - Chapter 10 � Readings
      Ex. 2 (Part 2 of 3)

      Ath�ekadivasa.m raajaa uyyaana.m gacchanto ta.m
      padesa.m paapu.ni. Daarakaa pii.thasappi.m
      paaroh�antare katvaa palaayi.msu. Ra��o
      .thitamajjhantike rukkhamuula.m pavi.t.thassa
      chiddacchaayaa sariira.m phari. So �ki.m nu kho
      etan�ti uddha.m olokento rukkhapa.n.nesu
      hatthiruupakaadiini disvaa �kass�eta.m kamman�ti
      pucchitvaa �pii.thasappino�ti sutvaa ta.m
      pakkosaapetvaa aaha: �mayha.m purohito atimukharo
      appamattake�pi vutte bahu.m bha.nanto ma.m upaddavati,
      sakkhissasi tassa mukhe naa.limattaa ajala.n.dikaa
      khipitun�ti? �Sakkhissaami, deva. Ajala.n.dikaa
      aaharaapetvaa purohitena saddhi.m tumhe antosaa.niya.m
      nisiidatha, ahamettha kattabba.m jaanissaamii�ti.

      Then one day, a king who was walking in the park,
      reached that area. The children placed the cripple
      among the roots of the banyan and ran away. The images
      of the cut shadows fell on the body of the king who
      had gone underneath the tree at midday. With the
      thought �What is that?� he looked up and saw the
      images of elephants, etc. in the leaves of the tree
      and he asked, �Who did that?� On hearing �A cripple�,
      he had him summoned and said �My high priest is
      garrulous and annoys me when, on saying just a little,
      he talks much. Would you be able to throw about a
      cupful of goat dung into his mouth?� �I will be able
      to, lord. After you�ve had some goat dung brought,
      sit with the high priest behind the curtain, and I
      will know what to do then�.

      Metta, John
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