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Re: Gandhabba As Re-linking Consciousness: Three Events Coincide

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  • abhidhammika@yahoo.com
    Dear Pali Friends How are you? I made an embarrassing typing error in my message 289. The word with a typing error is sammipethito . Please kindly change it
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 12, 2001
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      Dear Pali Friends

      How are you?

      I made an embarrassing typing error in my message 289.

      The word with a typing error is "sammipethito".

      Please kindly change it to "samipethito".

      Apology for any inconvenience and misunderstanding.

      With regards

      Suan Lu Zaw


      --- In Pali@y..., abhidhammika@y... wrote:
      > Dear Pali Friends
      > The following message (dhamma-list message 22247) is my reply
      > to John R Overman's message (dhamma-list message 22241). The
      > is a serious one. I thought you might find it useful, so I post it
      > here.
      > The message contains a translation of a Pali passage. Your comments
      > on my translation are very welcome.
      > Hope you enjoy it.
      > Suan
      > ------------------------------------------------------
      > Dear John R Overman
      > How are you?
      > The Buddha's explanation is already complete and transparant. But,
      > think you would like further comment on the translator's explanation
      > "gandhabba is not some disembodied spirit". By the way, this wasn't
      > actual wording in the MN commentary Pali. The commentary is merely
      > commenting on the expression "paccupatthito hoti" found in section
      > 408 of Mulapannasa, Majjimanikaya original.
      > The expression "Paccupatthito hoti" can mean "is standing in front"
      > literally. But, this meaning does not apply to the re-linking
      > consciousness (patisandhi cittam)of the dead one. So the
      > was forced to say the following.
      > " Paccupatthito hotiti na matapitunam sannipatam olokayamano
      > sammipethito paccupatthito nama hoti."
      > "Is standing in front" wasn't like "standing close-by (sammipethito)
      > while watching father and mother copulating".
      > Now, the above Pali comment became "gandhabba is not some
      > spirit" in the hands of the translator, I think.
      > In Pali Buddhism, the re-linking consciousness follows immediately
      > after the dying consciousness (cuti cittam). So when father and
      > mother are copulating while mother is ovulating, someone dies and
      > re-linking consciounsess has a chance to conceive. All three events
      > coincide. That is all there is to it. The right timing is made
      > possible by the past actions of the father, mother and the embryo
      > (gandhabba now with body).
      > Re-linking consciousness is called "gandhabbo" in ordinary language.
      > I hope my message makes sense to you and all other dhamma friends.
      > With regards
      > Suan Lu zaw
      > http://www.bodhiology.org
      > --- In dhamma-list@y..., John R Overman <jonover@j...> wrote:
      > > In MN38, Bhikkhu Bodhi's translation, the last sentence of
      > paragraph 26,
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