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Re: [Pali] Re: Raahula Sutta2

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  • Sean Whittle
    Dimitry, ... nissaaya maana.m vaa mada.m vaa maa akaasii ti
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 10, 2001

      Here is an alternate take on it which might help:

      >>aya.m kumaaro jaati-aadisampanno, so jaatigottakulava.n.napokkharataadiini
      nissaaya maana.m vaa mada.m vaa maa akaasii"ti<<

      This boy has been endowed from the time of birth (or with birth, etc.), on
      account of his birth, family, clan, appearance like that of a lotus, and so
      on, let him not have (or show) conceit or arrogance.'

      I don't take kumaaro as a vocative, and I don't believe the context is of
      him speaking just to Rahula but to a group.


      I prefer exhorting.

      Best wishes,
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