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    Friends; For you to Enjoy & Spread! by Free FORWARD W Metta ... _______________________________________________________________ THE DHAMMAPADA - A Direct
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      For you
      Enjoy &
      by Free

      W Metta
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      THE DHAMMAPADA - A Direct Translation.


      Spoken by The Sakyamuni BUDDHA (563-483 BC)

      'Dhammapada' means - the True Way
      - the Right & Real Route
      - the Path of Dhamma

      The 2nd book of the Khuddaka Nikaya (The minor collection) in the
      Sutta Pitaka of the Tipitaka (three baskets) Pali Canon, which is
      the Sacred Scriptures of Theravada Buddhism. (Way of the Elders)



      Twin Pairs - Yamaka Vagga



      Intention always comes first.
      Intention is of all states the primer!
      By intention are all things initiated!
      By thought of mind are all phenomena formed.
      So - if with good intention one thinks, speak or act
      Joy surely follows one like the never-leaving shadow
      However !!!
      - if with evil intention one thinks, speak or act
      Pain certainly follows one like the wheel follows the car.

      Dhammapada 1+2



      Those absorbed in such accusations as:
      "He/She/They abused, hurt, did me or us wrong "
      whether right or wrong ! such foolish ones only prolong
      own pain by being obsessed by own anger.
      However !!!
      Those freed of these accusations:
      "He/She/They abused, hurt, did me or us wrong "
      noting: whether right or wrong - so what !!! -
      such clever ones stop own pain by relinquishing all anger.

      Dhammapada 3+4


      FUEL ON FIRE ?

      Not by anger is Hate ever quenched.
      Only by Kindness is Hate always quenched.
      This Ancient Law is an Eternal ... Truth ... !

      Dhammapada 5



      The crowd often do not know how
      to control themselves here & now.
      The wise, who do know this necessity
      of self-control, end their quarrels.
      Their disputes all cease right there & then.

      Dhammapada 6



      Whoever lives in search & urge for pleasure & beauty,
      unguarded in senses, un-moderately indulging,
      lazy, lethargic, inactive, dulled into apathy;
      Such ones Mara sweeps away, like breaking a
      little branch of a tiny bush ...

      Dhammapada 7



      Whoever lives cooled by genuine disgust,
      guarded in senses, moderately enjoying,
      alert, active, aware, exerting energetic effort;
      Such one Mara find immovable like the wind
      the mighty mountain ...

      Dhammapada 8



      The impure person, uncontrolled, immoral, keeping secrets
      not honest, is neither worthy nor fit for the yellow robe.

      Dhammapada 9



      The straight person, restrained, keeping precepts, open
      & honest, is both worthy & fit for the yellow robe.

      Dhammapada 10



      Those who mistakes the relative,
      to be both essential & absolute,
      and mistakes the essential and absolute to be relative,
      never attains to neither the essential nor
      the absolute ...

      Dhammapada 11



      Those who see the essential in the essential
      and the absolute in the absolute,
      discriminating what is merely relative,
      attains to the essential & absolute ...

      Dhammapada 12



      Exactly as rain penetrate and enter
      a house with a leaky roof, even so do
      all desire, greed, and urge of craving
      penetrate and enter the undeveloped,
      unrefined & unpurified mind.

      Dhammapada 13



      Exactly as rain cannot neither penetrate
      nor enter a house with a tight roof, even so
      cannot any desire, greed, nor urge of craving
      penetrate nor enter the well developed, well
      refined, well purified mind.

      Dhammapada 14



      Here and now the good-doer rejoices...
      Even so after passing away and reemerging,
      the doer of good reaps only joy and satisfaction ...
      So both here and there the wise with merit well done,
      enjoys the purity of prior actions.

      Dhammapada 15



      Here and now the bad-doer suffers...
      Even so after passing away and reemerging,
      the doer of wrong reaps only pain and regret ...
      So both here and there the fool with wrong &
      evil behavior badly done suffers from the
      inevitable results of prior impure actions.

      Dhammapada 16



      Here he rejoices. So too after death he rejoices.
      The one having done good works rejoices both places !
      Remembering, looking back, seeing & thinking:
      "Ohh, I have done these good works, well done",
      he enjoys the bliss of the happy worlds even more ...

      Dhammapada 17



      Here he suffers. So too after death he suffers.
      The evil-doer having done wrong suffers pain,
      regret & remorse both places !
      Remembering, looking back, seeing & thinking:
      "Ohh, I have done bad actions of evil nature" he suffers
      the pain of the miserable worlds even more ...

      Dhammapada 18



      Although one is expert in reciting the holy scriptures,
      writing & speaking much sense, if not living and
      actually acting according to this very same Dhamma,
      such one enjoys not even a fraction of the Noble life !

      Dhammapada 19



      Even when a novice do not recite the holy scriptures,
      and neither write nor speak much sense, if always living
      and actually acting according to this Dhamma, such one
      certainly enjoys the whole of the Noble life ...

      Dhammapada 20


      Dhammapada - the True Way


      Seriousness - Appamada Vagga



      Careful seriousness is the way to the deathless state.
      Careless shallowness is the way to repeated death.
      The careful one becomes undying, while the careless one
      is as if already dead ... (again) !!!

      Dhammapada 21



      The clever ones knows that very seriousness to
      make the difference, knows it to be the choice select.
      Carefully they make themselves joyfully enraptured,
      all rejoicing while immersed in the Noble state.

      Dhammapada 22



      They who meditate regularly;
      They who endure enthusiastically;
      They who exert effort;
      These wise ones attain Nibbana;
      The supreme Peace, the sublime Bliss.

      Dhammapada 23



      One who exerts effort,
      one who is alert and always aware,
      one who does good deeds voluntarily & deliberately,
      one who is kind and considerate in all dealings,
      one who is restrained & controlled,
      one who lives according to the real truth of Dhamma,
      carefully & seriously,
      the Fame of such one grows ever & exceedingly.

      Dhammapada 24



      By arousing and inspiring oneself to
      putting forth stable & energetic effort;
      By meticulous carefulness;
      By well trained, well restrained self-control,
      the wise & clever ones make themselves an island
      so safe, that no flood nor any fever can ever
      overwhelm nor overcome them.

      Dhammapada 25



      Fools, ignorants drift carelessly around to and fro.
      The clever one meticulously guard his long-cultivated
      thorough carefulness, as his greatest treasure.

      Dhammapada 26



      So do not give in to the carelessness of only
      playful indulgence in pleasures of the senses,
      since serious practice of meditation results verily
      in profound Bliss, Yeah!, the immense happiness
      of Nibbana ... The ease of peace ...

      Dhammapada 27



      When the clever one develops carefulness,
      thereby leaving carelessness, it is as if climbing
      a staircase made of insight, step by step ...
      Such wise one gazes joyfully down as from a mountain top
      - called certainty - on the simple folk stressing around below.

      Dhammapada 28



      Careful among the careless,
      wide awake among the sleeping slumbers,
      the clever one leave them all behind like
      a racer out-pace the turtles.

      Dhammapada 29



      By being seriously careful, Sakka !
      king of the gods attained his supremacy.
      Always is carefulness praised by all.
      Always is carelessness blamed by all.

      Dhammapada 30



      Enjoying the results of being both serious
      and meticulously careful, seeing acute and
      terrible danger in any even minor sign of careless
      slackness, the Bhikkhu burns his way right through
      all obstructing fetters, be they mighty or not.

      Dhammapada 31



      The Bhikkhu who delights in carefulness,
      and views with fear the danger of sloppy
      carelessness, just simply cannot fall away,
      but is indeed quite near Nibbana.

      Dhammapada 32


      Dhammapada - the True Way


      Mind - Citta Vagga



      This flickering, fleeting and fickle mind,
      difficult to guard, hard to control are thoughts,
      the clever one therefore make the mind straight
      and stable, just as a fletcher line up an uneven
      arrow shaft.

      __________ /- \
      \ -- _ /
      \ /
      \ /

      Dhammapada 33



      Like a fish hauled on land
      flutter and flaps all trembling,
      exactly & even so do mind, when forced
      out of Mara's field of lusty fever.

      Dhammapada 34



      Advantageous is the taming of the thoughts,
      which otherwise set off suddenly, shifts and cross,
      coming and going in all directions ...
      The tamed & calmed mind is therefore a bringer
      of first peace, then bliss.

      Dhammapada 35



      Thoughts are of a exceedingly subtle nature,
      hard to see, invisible, untouchable, momentary,
      emerging & jumping when & wherever they like !
      The clever one therefore observe and guard these
      ever changing thoughts. Guarded thoughts brings
      happiness & ease ... !!!

      Dhammapada 36



      Thoughts all by themselves wander,
      light as fantasies, though still hidden in mind.
      Those who subdue thoughts, are freed from
      the bondage of temptation.

      Dhammapada 37



      The one whose mind is not steady,
      who does not know what is the true Dhamma,
      - The real Reality -
      whose faith wavers - such one never
      attains perfected insight.

      Dhammapada 38



      The one whose mind is not drawn into any lust,
      whose mind is neither strained by any aversion,
      whose mind is both beyond good and evil, for
      such awakened one, there is no fear ...

      Dhammapada 39



      Knowing this body to be as fragile as a clay-pot,
      making this very thought firm as a city, one
      should attack Mara with this weapon of wisdom,
      guard thereafter carefully, what is conquered.

      Dhammapada 40



      Soon this body will fall to the ground,
      rejected, without any consciousness,
      useless like a rotten log of wood ...

      Dhammapada 41



      Whatever an enemy might do to an enemy,
      or one who hates to another blinded by hate,
      the mind wrongly directed by false or evil view,
      may do to oneself, yet even far much worse !!!

      Dhammapada 42



      Neither mother nor father nor any other family
      member can do you any better, than a well directed

      Dhammapada 43


      Dhammapada - the True Way


      Flowers - Puppha Vagga


      WHO ?

      Who will fully comprehend this earth-world together
      with the lower painful and higher divine worlds as well ?
      Who will investigate all the 37 sublime Dhammas even as an
      expert pluck delicate flowers ?

      Dhammapada 44



      The training disciple will conquer by full comprehension
      this, the lower and the divine worlds as well ! The training
      disciple will directly experience these 37 states, even as an
      expert enjoys a well composed bouquet of flowers.

      Dhammapada 45



      Whosoever knows this body
      to be as temporary as a bubble,
      as insubstantial as the mirror image,
      such one will break the flower tipped
      arrows of Mara and cannot be seen by
      this King of Death ...

      Dhammapada 46



      Death carries off the man while distracted
      by gathering flowers of sensual pleasures,
      exactly & even so as a great flood carries
      away the sleeping village.

      Dhammapada 47



      Death sweeps away the man distracted by
      not yet had his fill of sensual pleasures,
      even as he gathers these poisonous flowers.

      Dhammapada 48



      Harmless to the flower, it's scent & color
      is the bee who gathers it's honey. Even &
      exactly so should the wandering Bhikkhu visit
      the villages.

      Dhammapada 49



      What others do, did, or left undone is irrelevant.
      Do not search after other's faults, but rather look
      carefully upon own flaws and for what you yourself
      do, did or left undone !!!

      Dhammapada 50



      As the flower which is beautiful in color but lacking scent,
      even & exactly so is the well spoken true word used upon one
      who neither reflect nor act upon it.

      Dhammapada 51



      As the beautiful flower, lovely both in color and scent,
      even & exactly so is the well spoken true word fruitful
      for one who reflects and act accordingly.

      Dhammapada 52



      Just as one can make many varied bouquets from a single
      big bunch of flowers, a mortal among the humans can
      make many kinds of merit by various good deeds.

      Dhammapada 53



      The scent of flowers does not diffuse against the wind,
      whether it be jasmine or incense of sandalwood.
      The fragrance of good do however waft against the wind.
      The kindness of the good ones, perfuses all directions with
      this perfume of friendliness.

      Dhammapada 54



      Above and beyond of all varieties of perfume,
      whether of rose, sandalwood or lotus, the
      fragrance of a virtuous moral stands supreme.

      Dhammapada 55



      Weak is the smell of rose, jasmine and any orchid
      when compared to the virtuous men. Such odor
      excels even up to the divine levels.

      Dhammapada 56



      Those who are possessed of moral,
      living alert and aware,
      who are freed through perfected insight,
      cannot never ever be seen nor so found
      by Mara - the evil one - ...

      Dhammapada 57



      Even in a heap of rubbish dumped on the road,
      may the lotus grow, with this sublime fragrance
      which delights the mind.
      Even & exactly so may the noble disciple of the
      awakened ones shine forth his wisdom among the
      blinded mess of simple people

      Dhammapada 58 + 59


      Dhammapada - the True Way


      The Simpleton - Bala Vagga



      Long is samsara for the simpleton not knowing the Dhamma.
      Long is the night for one who keeps Awake.
      Long is the mile for one who is tired.
      Long is the chain of rebirth for one
      who is unaware of the true Dhamma.

      Dhammapada 60



      Avoid going along with fools. Should one
      fail to find one better or equal as companion,
      then one should continue the journey alone !
      There is no friendship with fools.

      Dhammapada 61



      "I have sons, I have wealth" thinks the fool,
      unknowingly causing himself worry.
      When he has not even a 'self' of his own,
      how much less then any sons,
      how much less then any wealth ?

      Dhammapada 62



      The fool who discovers his own foolishness,
      thereby becomes wise. But the simpleton who
      deceives himself to be wise, is verily a fool.

      Dhammapada 63



      Even when the fool follows the wise lifelong,
      he cannot understand his truth,
      just as the spoon cannot taste the soup..
      However, when the intelligent even for few moments
      listen to the wise, he grasps his truth,
      just as the tongue immediately taste the soup.

      Dhammapada 64+65



      The worst enemy of the simple fool is himself !
      This his 'self' commit the doings, from which he
      long reaps the result of bitter pain.

      Dhammapada 66



      That action which one regrets is not good...
      Experiencing the result of such ill deed,
      one later weeps with a tearful face.

      Dhammapada 67



      That action which one do not regret is good.
      Experiencing the result of such beneficial deed,
      one is long pleased and happy.

      Dhammapada 68



      Initially the taste of the bad deed appears as sweet
      as honey to the fool. Later, however, when the evil
      result ripens he grieves in pain.

      Dhammapada 69



      Even though the fool starve himself, month after month,
      eating only from the tip of a straw of grass,
      he is not worth a 16th fraction of one,
      who have well comprehended the real truth of Dhamma.

      Dhammapada 70



      Just as fresh milk do not sour at once, the evil action
      do not ripen immediately. Rather it burns the fool after
      a long smouldering, like embers covered with ashes.

      Dhammapada 71



      Whatever power, fame or skill the fool acquires, misused,
      it destroys his future, as if cleaving his head in 7 parts.

      Dhammapada 72


      NAME & FAME

      Fools seeks false reputation,
      want to take the lead among bhikkhus,
      urge for authority over monasteries and
      is attached to the respect of families.

      Dhammapada 73



      Puffing up his pride & ambition for power
      he drives up his greed. He wishes:
      "Let both layman and monk know that I alone
      did this. Let them be under my control alone,
      both in all things to be done and in all things
      not to be done ..."

      Dhammapada 74



      One way is to get name, fame & gain.
      Another way is to Nibbana. Seeing this,
      let the Bhikkhu, the true disciple of the Buddha,
      reject both name, fame and gain,
      seeking only the joy of solitary seclusion.

      Dhammapada 75


      Dhammapada - the True Way


      The Wise - Pandita Vagga



      One should follow the one giving intelligent critique
      as he is revealing hidden treasure. For all those following
      such wise one, it all grows better not worse.

      Dhammapada 76



      The one who advises, instructs and restrain others
      from all improper behavior, becomes loved by the good
      and clever, while hated by the bad & foolish.

      Dhammapada 77



      Avoid going along with wrong doers.
      Do not associate with fools. Rather
      accompany the Good and cultivate
      friendship with the Wise & Noble.

      Dhammapada 78



      The one who drinks Dhamma sleeps at ease,
      calmed & cleared. The intelligent ones enjoys
      to delight in the Teaching of the Noble Ones.

      Dhammapada 79



      Canal makers direct the water.
      Arrow makers straighten their shafts.
      Carpenters plane their pieces of wood.
      The Wise & Noble tame their Mind.

      Dhammapada 80



      Like solid rock is not moved by any storm,
      even & exactly so remain the wise unshaken,
      whether praised or blamed.

      Dhammapada 81



      Even as the deep lake is still & clear,
      even & exactly so do hearing the Dhamma
      calm the wise.

      Dhammapada 82



      The clever let go of all,
      withdrawing silently and stilled,
      such wise ones whether touched
      by success or sorrow, remains unstirred
      all the same.

      Dhammapada 83



      Neither for oneself nor for another
      should one wish for sons, wealth or estate
      gained by unfair means. Only so do one
      remain upright, straight, virtuous & righteous.

      Dhammapada 84



      Few indeed are those who reach the other shore.
      Most merely run to & fro along this bank ...

      Dhammapada 85



      But those who listen and act accordingly,
      when the depth of Dhamma is revealed,
      they indeed cross beyond this realm of
      Death so hard to overcome.

      Dhammapada 86



      Leaving the Dark, adopting the Light state,
      the clever leave home for the homeless state.
      The joy of solitary seclusion is otherwise hard
      to find.

      Dhammapada 87



      There they seek the truly Great delight
      of being attached to Nothing ...
      Freed from all urge of any sensing,
      the wise purges mind of all impurity.

      Dhammapada 88



      Those whose minds have well developed & perfected
      the seven links, the seven wings to Awakening;
      Who are without even trace of any Clinging;
      Lacking all mental Fermentation, shining radiant
      quite bright & clear, verily these Wise have gained
      Nibbana, yet even still in this very world.

      Dhammapada 89


      Dhammapada - the True Way


      The Arahat - Arahanta Vagga



      For him who has completed this journey.
      For him who is untouched by any pain or sorrow.
      For him who is in every-way wholly freed.
      For him who has broken all chains.
      For such one no Suffering is Possible !

      Dhammapada 90



      Those who are mindful, exert effort not to cling
      to any house. Home after home they leave like
      swans take off from various lakes.

      Dhammapada 91



      No accumulation = No trace

      Who neither have any store of unripened results,
      nor any store of physical matter;
      Who is released into the uncaused & sign-less void;
      Verily, they leave no trace even as a bird fly through air.

      Dhammapada 92



      The one cleared of all mental fermentation;
      who is independent of all 4 nutriments;
      whose abiding is the unconditioned & empty deliverance;
      is untraceable like the bird in the air.

      Dhammapada 93



      One whose senses have been guarded & calmed,
      like horses well tamed by the trainer, whose pride,
      conceit & mental fermentation are all uprooted,
      such one is loved even by the Divine ones.

      Dhammapada 94



      Like the Earth, the Noble show no resentment.
      Like the deep-dug pillar, firm in vows, pious & pure.
      Like the pool clear & cool, free from mud.
      Such one have ended the round.

      Dhammapada 95

      Sariputta in memoriam
      The Captain of the Faith
      The General of the Dhamma



      Calmed is his mind.
      Calmed is his speech.
      Calmed is his action.
      So is the Tranquility;
      So is the Equanimity;
      of one freed by the Insight
      of right knowledge.

      Dhammapada 96



      The one who do not desire anything
      but directly know even the uncreated;
      not satisfied, such one breaks off any
      possibility for rebirth by swallowing
      what he has made. Such one is the Supreme
      - The Courageous Conqueror ...

      Dhammapada 97



      Whether in village or forest, on land, sea
      or mountain; where Arahats dwell all is
      indeed delighted and swell.

      Dhammapada 98



      Delighting are the forests, where the passionate
      folk do not haunt their common pleasures.
      There the cooled one finds the Bliss not of this World.

      Dhammapada 99


      Dhammapada - the True Way


      Thousands - Sahassa Vagga



      Even a thousand words will not work
      if lacking meaning, essence, relevance.
      Better is a few words, exact & clear,
      promoting peace & calm.

      Dhammapada 100

      Look before you leap.
      Think before you speak.



      Even a thousand sentences can be meaningless.
      Better is a single sentence whereby one is released.

      Dhammapada 101



      Even reciting a hundred verses made of words of no meaning.
      Better is a single word of Dhamma whereby one awakens.

      Dhammapada 102



      Even after having defeated a million men,
      one is better off conquering oneself.

      Dhammapada 103



      Victory over self is superior to victory over others.
      Winning self-control & you are forever in power !

      Dhammapada 104



      Neither a God, Demon, Devil or Brahma
      can undo the victory of one who has won
      self-control ....

      Dhammapada 105



      Though a man, month after month offer
      a thousand pieces of money, even for a
      hundred years, he better honor even for
      a single instant the Noble who have
      trained himself.

      Dhammapada 106



      Though a man, day after day, should burn
      a sacrifice, bathe ceremoniously or do whatever
      empty ritual, he better honor even for a single instant
      the Noble disciple of the Buddha, well-trained
      well-restrained ...

      Dhammapada 107



      Whatsoever daily offer, sacrifice or oblation
      even for year, the resulting merit is not worth
      a quarter of reverence for those straight, upright
      and righteous.

      Dhammapada 108



      For one in the habit of honoring and respecting
      with salutation the Elders, four things increase:
      Age, Beauty, Happiness & Power !!!

      Dhammapada 109



      Even if one should live a hundred years,
      if immoral & uncontrolled, better it would be
      to live but just a single day morally & meditating

      Dhammapada 110



      Even if one should live a hundred years,
      if unwise & unconcentrated, better it would be
      to live but just a single day meditating & possessed of insight

      Dhammapada 111



      Even if one should live a hundred years,
      if lazy & idle, better it would be
      to live but just a single day striving
      with all one got.

      Dhammapada 112



      Even if one should live a hundred years,
      not comprehending the emergence and disappearance
      of all phenomena, better it would be to live but just a
      single day clearly seeing the arising and passing away
      of all conditioned states.

      Dhammapada 113



      Even if one should live a hundred years,
      without yet tasting the deathless state,
      better it would be to live but just a single day,
      touching this deathless state.

      Dhammapada 114



      Even if one should live a full hundred years,
      if not reflecting on the Buddha-Dhamma supreme,
      better it would be to live but just a single day,
      pondering upon the sublime Dhamma.

      Dhammapada 115


      Dhammapada - the True Way


      Evil - Papa Vagga



      Act on the instant, hasting to do the good.
      While delaying the beneficial act,
      the mind slides back & down towards evil.

      Dhammapada 116



      Should one do bad, one should avoid repeating it again & again,
      by denying mind any pleasure therein, since the accumulation of
      bad habits bring great misery.

      Dhammapada 117



      Should one do good, then one should strive to repeat it again
      & again, by longing after the pleasure of merit therein,
      since the accumulation of good habits bring great bliss.

      Dhammapada 118



      Even so long the results of bad action has not yet matured,
      the wrong doer may live in luck. However when the sour fruit
      of evil action falls, the wrong doer experiences only pain.

      Dhammapada 119



      Even so long the results of good action has not yet matured,
      the good doer may live in vain. However when the sweet fruit
      of good action falls, the good doer experiences only gladness.

      Dhammapada 120



      One should not underestimate the bad as mere trifle
      by saying "It will not come to me" .... Since even as a jar
      is filled in rain - drop by drop - even & exactly so do
      the fool fill himself with habit of bad, wrong & evil.

      Dhammapada 121



      One should neither underestimate the good as mere trifle
      by saying "It will not come to me" .... Since even as a jar
      is filled in rain - drop by drop - even & exactly so do
      the wise fill himself with merit of good doings of benefit.

      Dhammapada 122



      As a merchant carrying wealth avoids a route with bandits;
      As one loving life avoids poison, even & exactly so should
      one avoid all bad, wrong & evil action ...

      Dhammapada 123



      The hand that has no wound can handle any poison,
      as poison cannot enter the unwounded hand. Even &
      exactly so is the innocent protected from all ill.

      Dhammapada 124



      Whoever harms the harmless & innocent beings,
      upon such very fool, pain of evil promptly return
      as dust thrown against the wind.

      Dhammapada 125



      Some come back as Human.
      The Evil fall into the Hells.
      The Good rearise among the Divine.
      Arahats gain Nibbana.

      Dhammapada 126



      Neither in the highest heaven, nor in the deepest ocean,
      nor in the darkest cave, can anyone escape the consequences
      of own evil action ... !!!

      Dhammapada 127



      Neither in the highest heaven, nor in the deepest ocean,
      nor in the darkest cave, can anyone escape the overcoming
      fact of Death ... !!!

      Dhammapada 128


      Dhammapada - the True Way


      Violence - Danda Vagga



      All sentient beings feel pain from violence.
      All sentient beings fear death.
      Seeing that other beings are just like oneself;
      One should treat other beings just like oneself;
      One should never ever harm nor kill ...

      Dhammapada 129



      All sentient beings feel pain from violence.
      All sentient beings love their life.
      Seeing other beings are like oneself;
      Treating other beings like oneself;
      One should never ever harm nor kill ...

      Dhammapada 130



      Whoever injures, with hand, weapon or stick any sentient being,
      who is only searching for their happiness - when after death -
      seeking the very same happiness, such fool never finds it !

      Dhammapada 131



      Whoever never injures, with hand, weapon nor stick,
      beings searching for their happiness - when after death -
      seeking very same happiness, such clever & kind one
      always gain it !

      Dhammapada 132



      Do not ever speak harshly as angry talk
      is always answered back with angry talk.
      Painful indeed is arrogant speech.
      The inevitable retaliation invariably falls
      back upon such proud boaster.

      Dhammapada 133



      If silenced as a broken bell,
      such one is close to Nibbana,
      and far away from arrogance.

      Dhammapada 134



      Exactly as a cowherd drives the cows forward,
      even & exactly so do aging, sickness & death
      drive all beings forwards towards the End !

      Dhammapada 135



      When doing bad the fool do not realize the bad as bad.
      Afterwards such simpleton is burnt as with a fire lit by himself.

      Dhammapada 136



      Whoever is violent against the harmless;
      Whoever offends the innocent;
      Whoever disrespects the Noble;
      Such fool quite quickly experiences
      one of these 10 bad states:
      The fool may suffer acute pain, disaster,
      injures of body, severe sickness, insanity,
      lawsuits from police, accusations, loss of wealth,
      fire burns his house & after breakup of his body
      he rearise in the painful worlds or the hells ...

      Dhammapada 137-140



      Neither by nakedness, nor matted hair, nor by filth,
      nor fasting, nor sleeping on bare ground, nor by ashes,
      dust or awkward positions of the body, can any mortal,
      who is in doubt, purify his mind.

      Dhammapada 141



      Although a man is richly dressed and adorned,
      if he is at peace, at ease, in equanimity, calmed,
      composed, controlled, celibate and harmless
      towards all beings, then verily he is a brahman,
      a recluse, a Bhikkhu, a Holy One ...

      Dhammapada 142



      Is there a human hero here so controlled by modesty,
      that critique is taken, as the horse takes the whip:
      increasing speed by increasing effort ?

      Dhammapada 143



      Using the tools of Faith, moral, effort, determination,
      meditation and true understanding of this very Dhamma,
      one gradually perfect first knowledge then behavior.
      So equipped & aware one may eliminate all of this great
      suffering, once and for all ...

      Dhammapada 144



      Truly canal makers lead the water.
      Arrow makers straighten the shafts.
      Carpenters forms the wood.
      Noble ones of vows train their mind.

      Dhammapada 145


      Dhammapada - the True Way


      Aging - Java Vagga



      Why laugh ? Why party ?
      Always is this world burning !
      In darkness, do you not seek the light ?

      Dhammapada 146


      THE BODY

      See this painted puppet, one big mass of sores,
      a diseased frame of skin drawn upon bones,
      once possessing many thoughts, a thing much
      regarded & beloved, yet it is neither of stable
      nor of lasting nature ...

      Dhammapada 147



      This body is worn out, a fragile form, a nest of
      disease, a rotting mass of deception, since it's life
      surely ends in Death ...

      Dhammapada 148



      Like withered leafs scattered by the autumn wind
      are these pale whitened bones. What pleasure
      can there be in them ?

      Dhammapada 149



      It is a city hold up by bones, plastered with flesh,
      blood and skin. In it lives aging, sickness, death,
      pride & deceit.

      Dhammapada 150



      Even brilliantly painted cars break down.
      Exactly so do this body wear out & fall.
      The Peaceful State, however, never grows old.
      The good ones teach this good one to the good ones ...

      Dhammapada 151


      THE OX

      The fool of sparse learning, grows old like an Ox;
      His flesh increases, but his knowledge not ...

      Dhammapada 152



      Through a countless & verily incalculable number
      of painful rebirths have I gone, seeking the creator.
      the housebuilder...
      Now I see you house-builder; you shall never ever
      build this house again ! All your rafters are now broken.
      The main roof beam is shattered ! This mind is all stilled
      at the unconditional Peace by having so eliminated every
      trace of Craving ...

      Dhammapada 153-54



      They who neither live the Noble life, nor in
      youth work together their own welfare as old,
      wander about like herons in a dried out pond,
      like worn out tools, wailing about past times.

      Dhammapada 155-56


      Dhammapada - the True Way


      Self - Atta Vagga



      If one regard oneself as precious,
      one should guard this life well:
      Both in youth, in middle & old age,
      during the watches of the night one
      should keep awake & aware.

      Dhammapada 157



      First one should establish oneself in what is right.
      Then from there, one can instruct others. Doing so,
      The clever One will not be troubled.

      Dhammapada 158



      First one should make oneself that,
      which one instructs others to be ...
      Only well tamed oneself,
      is one able to tame others ...
      Self is hard to tame in praxis,
      yet not so, if only in theory!

      Dhammapada 159



      Self is indeed self's own & only savior !
      Who else can save you ?
      With oneself well tamed, one gain a savior
      hard to find otherwise.

      Dhammapada 160



      By self alone is evil done. Even so is evil born of self,
      originated in self, initiated by & in self.
      This 'self' crushes the fool, like a diamond-drill
      grinds even very hard and precious stones.

      Dhammapada 161



      The one whose evil has gripped the whole of his mind,
      like a creeper gradually overgrow even the tallest tree,
      is - without compare - his own worst enemy ...

      Dhammapada 162



      Easy & swift is it to do, what is not beneficial
      neither to oneself or others.
      While that, which is advantageous to both
      oneself & others, is quite difficult to do.

      Dhammapada 163



      The fool who absorbed in false views reviles the Dhamma
      of the Arahats, the Nobles & the Righteous, thereby sow
      & later reap his own destruction.

      Dhammapada 164


      NO OTHER

      By self alone is harm done.
      By self alone does one suffer this own evil.
      By self alone is harm left undone.
      By self alone is one purified & thereby saved.
      Both destruction and salvation is work of self.
      No-one can purify another.

      Dhammapada 165



      Let no-one neglect own good for the good
      of the other, even if seemingly important.
      Focused on own good, own freedom, own safety
      one should study and practice towards that.

      Dhammapada 166


      Dhammapada - the True Way


      World - Loka Vagga



      One should not live a low life,
      neither a careless life, nor have false views,
      or be in love with the world.

      Dhammapada 167



      Exerting oneself, not careless,
      one should live the Dhamma.
      By living according to Dhamma,
      harmony is assured & one sleeps
      happily here & in next world.

      Dhammapada 168


      HERE & THERE

      One should practice this Dhamma well,
      avoiding being sloppy or inaccurate.
      One practicing the Buddha-Dhamma,
      both in spirit & letter, lives blissfully both
      here in this world & in the next to come.

      Dhammapada 169



      As lasting as a bursting bubble;
      As illusive as a mirage;
      One regarding worldly life quite so, is
      forever unseen, even by the King of Death.

      Dhammapada 170



      Come see this world as a painted postcard,
      wherein the fools helplessly sink, while the
      clever remains free & detached.

      Dhammapada 171



      The one who was careless earlier,
      but not now, illuminates the world
      shining quite bright as the full moon
      freed from cloud.

      Dhammapada 172



      The one who cover past mistakes with good doings,
      such one indeed illuminates the world,
      as the full moon freed from cloud ...

      Dhammapada 173



      Blinded is the world, few are those who see.
      Fewer becomes divine, than birds escape the net.

      Dhammapada 174



      Like swans follow the sky, real men fly
      through the air by psychic powers.
      The resolute ones leave this world,
      after having conquered Mara & his army.

      Dhammapada 175



      Those who break the holy vows,
      who speak untrue,
      who have no hope of any good future state,
      There is no evil, such ones cannot do ...

      Dhammapada 176



      The miser cannot go divine.
      The fool cannot praise giving.
      The clever one though, rejoice in giving,
      thereby winning bliss in the next world.

      Dhammapada 177



      In comparison with kingship over whole earth,
      In comparison with arising in a divine world,
      In comparison with supremacy over all worlds,
      the fruit of entering the stream - being Sotapanna -
      is of supreme excellence.

      Dhammapada 178


      Dhammapada - the True Way


      Awakened - Buddha Vagga



      The One whose victory cannot ever be defeated
      by anyone nor anything, so for ever unconquered.
      Such one is the Buddha of unlimited range & of infinite
      powers, trace & track-less. By what will you tempt and
      lead such one ?

      Dhammapada 179



      The one lacking all urge, craving & clinging,
      nowhere searching, such is the Buddha.
      Of infinite range, of unlimited power, trace &
      track-less. By what will you scare & lead such one ?

      Dhammapada 180



      Whoever are devoted to meditation,
      never giving it up halfway;
      Whoever are delighted in leaving all
      worldly trouble, not clinging to anything;
      Whoever are so acutely aware, alert & awake,
      Yeah, even Enlightened; form such ones even
      the Divine Devas are longing.

      Dhammapada 181



      Rare is it to obtain birth in human state;
      Hard is life of those prone to death;
      Difficult it is, to come to hear the Buddha-Dhamma;
      Exquisite is the appearance of Buddhas.

      Dhammapada 182


      6-WORD EXACT

      Avoiding Harm;
      Doing Good;
      Purifying Mind;
      This is the Teaching of the Buddha !

      Dhammapada 183



      Tolerance is the highest training.
      Nibbana is the supreme state.
      So all Buddhas say.
      The violent one is not a Recluse.
      The harmful one is not a Bhikkhu.

      Dhammapada 184



      Not blaming, not harming;
      Restrained by the Norm of the Dhamma;
      Disciplined by the Code of the Vinaya;
      Moderate in eating, remote lodging;
      Exerting in Meditation;
      This is the teaching of all the Buddhas ...

      Dhammapada 185



      Not even a raining burst of money gives lasting satisfaction !
      The clever one knows that to be just another short-lived pleasure,
      always followed by frustration !

      Dhammapada 186



      Not even with Divine Delight is the wise one content.
      The true Disciple of the supremely awakened one enjoys
      only utter elimination of Craving.

      Dhammapada 187



      To mountains, forests, caves, temples, parks & trees
      people run, when severely scared. Such places - however -
      cannot ever offer any secure safety nor any final safety.
      Not by these are we freed from suffering ...
      Whoever seeks the guaranteed safety in the Buddha,
      the Dhamma and the Sangha; The jewels three ...
      Whoever clearly understands the 4 Noble Truths:
      Suffering, Origin of Suffering, End of Suffering,
      and The Way to escape Suffering;
      By this sure refuge only, by this very sole shelter,
      final & absolute secure safety is found
      in the freedom from all Suffering ...
      in the Deathless State ...
      Dhammapada 188-92



      It is not easy to find a man of Noble birth.
      Such one is not born everywhere.
      Wherever born, the family grows happy.

      Dhammapada 193



      Pleasant is the arising of a Buddha.
      Pleasant is the teaching of the Dhamma.
      Pleasant is peace & unity in the Sangha.
      Pleasant is the harmony of those united.

      Dhammapada 194



      Those who honors those worthy of honor:
      That is: the Buddha and his followers;
      Who are unhindered, sorrowless, fearless,
      finders of Nibbana, their merit from such
      worthy & well directed honor, cannot be
      estimated by anyone ...

      Dhammapada 195-96


      Dhammapada - the True Way


      Happy - Sukha Vagga



      Oh let us live happily ! Freed from aversion,
      going even among those who hate.
      Among those in anger, let us live free from all anger.

      Dhammapada 197



      Oh let us live happily ! Freed from discontent,
      going even among those, who always want more.
      Among those dissatisfied, let us live free from
      any discontent.

      Dhammapada 198



      Oh let us live happily ! Freed from any attachment,
      free from any longing, disentangled, going even
      among those who are entangled, engaged,
      & always longing. Among those so longing all entangled,
      let us live free from all yearning, disentangled.

      Dhammapada 199



      Oh let us live happily ! Having nothing at all !
      Let us feed on Joy, like the bright shining Devas.

      Dhammapada 200


      EASE ;-)

      The winner breeds haughty hatred.
      The loser lie down suppressed & afflicted.
      The One who is beyond both victory & defeat
      lives happily, calmed in the peace of ease ... !!!

      Dhammapada 201



      There is no fire like the fire of Lust.
      There is no evil like the evil of Hate.
      There is no suffering like Existence.
      There is no bliss greater than the
      Happiness of Peace, the supreme
      Tranquillity of Nibbana.

      Dhammapada 202



      Hunger is the worst pain.
      The components of being:
      Form, Feeling, Perception,
      Construction & Consciousness
      is the primary source of all
      Suffering !
      Knowing directly this fact fully
      is Nibbana - The supreme Bliss !

      Dhammapada 203



      Health is the greatest gain.
      Contentment is the greatest wealth.
      Confidence is the greatest relative.
      Nibbana is the greatest Bliss ...

      Dhammapada 204



      The one who has tasted the sweetness of solitude
      in cooled calm, such one fears not, wrongdo not,
      as so indeed, is the sweetness of the joy of Dhamma.

      Dhammapada 205



      Even just to see a Noble is advantageous.
      To live with the Noble is even quite pleasant.
      Pleasing it is to be free from fools.

      Dhammapada 206



      One regrets following fools quite a while,
      as company with simpletons like with an enemy,
      invariably brings pain.
      Otherwise pleasant & inspiring is association
      with the calmed ones, as a meeting with elder

      Dhammapada 207



      One should follow those who are determined,
      tolerant, enduring, intelligent, wise, diligent,
      clever, good-willed and Noble. One shall stick
      to them, as the moon it's regular path.

      Dhammapada 208


      Dhammapada - the True Way


      Attractions - Vagga



      Absorbed in distractions,
      not paying appropriate attention,
      giving up the goal, following the pleasant,
      one come to envy those, who exert right effort !

      Dhammapada 209



      Do not remain joined merely with what & whom you like,
      neither with what & whom you dislike, since both the
      inevitable separation with what is liked and the likewise
      inevitable company with the disliked, is a link to pain.

      Dhammapada 210



      Consequently; Hold nothing dear nor pleasant.
      Separation from the dear & pleasing is painful.
      For those for whom there are:
      neither any dear nor any not dear;
      neither any pleasant nor any not pleasant;
      no such snaring ties can possibly exist ... !!!

      Dhammapada 211



      From affection springs sorrow (over loss).
      From affection grows fear (of loss)
      Wholly free from affection, there can be
      no such sorrow, much less fear.

      Dhammapada 212



      From thought of the attractive arises frustration.
      From thought of the attractive arises fear.
      The one wholly freed from attractive thoughts,
      neither frustrates nor fears.

      Dhammapada 213



      From lust springs grief,
      From lust springs fear,
      Free from lust one neither
      sorrows nor fears.

      Dhammapada 214



      From love comes sadness,
      From love comes fear,
      Freed from love one is untouched
      by sadness, much less by fear.

      Dhammapada 215



      From desire follows pain,
      From desire follows fear,
      Freed from desire, there exist
      neither pain nor any fear...

      Dhammapada 216



      The one perfected in moral & insight,
      faithfully founded in Dhamma,
      fulfilling the duty, knowing the truths,
      such one is beloved by the many.

      Dhammapada 217



      If one longs for the indescribable, undefined
      & uncreated state, with urge for sensing all extinct,
      then one is called "Up-stream Traveler".

      Dhammapada 218



      The friend who returns from a long journey
      is welcomed back by friends & family.
      Even & exactly so when the doer of good at
      death passes to the next state, there his merits
      receives him & awaits him, like good friends & family.

      Dhammapada 219-20


      Dhammapada - the True Way


      Anger - Kodha Vagga



      One should cool any anger,
      let go of any pride and
      leave behind all attachments.
      The cooled one, not clinging neither
      to identity, body, form nor world
      never suffers any pain.

      Dhammapada 221



      Whoever do not loose his temper,
      even in a rage, like a car pressed in a
      high speed turn, him I call 'a Driver',
      others are merely holders of the wheel.

      Dhammapada 222



      One can only overcome anger with kindness.
      One can only conquer evil with good.
      One can only win the miser by giving gifts.
      One can only convince the liar with truth.

      Dhammapada 223



      If one speak the truth,
      is not angry and gives
      when asked, even when
      one have little, one may
      win a divine state.

      Dhammapada 224



      The homeless sages, always restrained
      in both action & body, finally pass to the
      deathless state, where sorrow is not.

      Dhammapada 225



      Those who are always aware & awake;
      Training day & night, intent only on Nibbana,
      their mental fermentations evaporate.

      Dhammapada 226



      This, Atula, is an ancient saying,
      yet timeless & so relevant even today:
      "They blame the silent one,
      They blame the one who says much,
      They blame the one who says little,
      No one in this world are not blamed."

      Dhammapada 227



      There never was, nor will there ever be,
      neither do there now exist one, who is
      only praised or only blamed ....

      Dhammapada 228



      The one examined carefully by the wise,
      yet still praised as peerless, wise, learned
      and good, like a ring of refined gold, who
      may blame such one ? Even the divine and
      Brahma praise such one.

      Dhammapada 229-30



      Angry doings should be avoided by:
      being in control of body, by being in control of action.
      Having so tamed and left all bad & evil action all behind,
      one should then cultivate all good deeds of any kind.

      Dhammapada 231



      Angry speech should be avoided, by being in
      control of word & tongue. Having so cut and
      left all angry & evil speech behind, one should
      cultivate all good & kind speech of any kind.

      Dhammapada 232



      Angry thought should be avoided by being
      in control of thought, mind & mood.
      Having so cut and left all mental anger all behind,
      one should cultivate the friendly & harmless mind.

      (The joy of release of mind by universal friendliness =
      is called metta-ceto-vimutti, a state sweet & sublime!)

      Dhammapada 233



      The clever who master their action.
      The wise who master their speech.
      The intelligent who master their thought.
      Such ones are indeed well controlled.

      Dhammapada 234


      Dhammapada - the True Way


      Impurity - Mala Vagga



      Now, old, you are as a withered leaf.
      Death & his slaves are waiting upon you.
      So now even at the point of departure you
      have no provision for the journey.

      Dhammapada 235



      Make an island of yourself,
      haste to exert effort, be clever.
      When your mental defilements
      have been cleaned & you have
      cleared yourself of passion, then
      yours will be the divine state of
      exquisite choice.
      Dhammapada 236



      The end is now ever coming closer.
      You are in the presence of Death h<br/><br/>(Message over 64 KB, truncated)
    • Frank Kuan
      ... How about letting the [Pali] list enjoy some peace and freedom from non pali related dhamma spam? Those posts are for the most part wonderful and
      Message 2 of 6 , Jun 30, 2003
        --- monomuni <monomuni@...> wrote:
        > Friends;
        > For you
        > to
        > Enjoy &
        > Spread!
        > by Free
        > FORWARD

        How about letting the [Pali] list enjoy some peace and
        freedom from non pali related dhamma spam?

        Those posts are for the most part wonderful and
        everything, but I'm sure that the other 5 buddhist
        lists being carbon copied accomplishes your mission,
        and we can safely leave the [Pali] email list out of
        the loop.

        I brought this up once already (a week ago)? No
        response. Maybe I didn't make my message clear enough,
        hopefully this time the intent has been expressed with
        more clarity.


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      • Ken Smith
        Non pali related dhamma spam? Can the dhamma be spam? or an English translation of the Dhammapada be unrelated to pali? ... -- ... Let no one deceive
        Message 3 of 6 , Jun 30, 2003
          "Non pali related dhamma spam?" Can the dhamma be spam? or an English translation of
          the Dhammapada be unrelated to pali?

          Frank Kuan wrote:

          > --- monomuni <monomuni@...> wrote:
          > >
          > > Friends;
          > > For you
          > > to
          > > Enjoy &
          > > Spread!
          > > by Free
          > > FORWARD
          > How about letting the [Pali] list enjoy some peace and
          > freedom from non pali related dhamma spam?
          > Those posts are for the most part wonderful and
          > everything, but I'm sure that the other 5 buddhist
          > lists being carbon copied accomplishes your mission,
          > and we can safely leave the [Pali] email list out of
          > the loop.
          > I brought this up once already (a week ago)? No
          > response. Maybe I didn't make my message clear enough,
          > hopefully this time the intent has been expressed with
          > more clarity.
          > -fk
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          or despise anyone anywhere,
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          wish for another to suffer."
          (Sutta Nipata I 8)
        • Frank Kuan
          ... To answer your challenge, yes, and yes. spam: Unsolicited e-mail, often of a commercial nature, sent indiscriminately to multiple mailing lists,
          Message 4 of 6 , Jul 1 12:31 PM
            --- Ken Smith <kennethleson@...> wrote:
            > "Non pali related dhamma spam?" Can the dhamma be
            > spam? or an English translation of
            > the Dhammapada be unrelated to pali?

            To answer your challenge, yes, and yes.
            spam: Unsolicited e-mail, often of a commercial
            nature, sent indiscriminately to multiple mailing
            lists, individuals, or newsgroups; junk e-mail.

            Unsolicited: yep.
            Multiple mail lists: yep.
            Indiscriminately sent with regularity: yep. Look
            through the archive. Rough estimate of about 1 long
            english sutta excerpt post per day, two weeks worth.
            Did not respond to my first gentle comment on this
            spamming last week: This indicates to me some
            combination of possible rudeness, lack of mindfulness,
            lack of sensitivity and discrimination in determining
            which buddhist email lists to spam/bulk mail.
            list charter: pali related posts. Excerpted english
            sutta verses not accompanied by pali terms which they
            correspond to and bulk mailed indiscriminately to
            several buddhist lists is not pali related. I'm fairly
            certain of that.

            Here's an example to illustrate my point. Imagine if a
            buddhist missionary were to go door to door and
            verbally recite the posts in question word for word.
            Would you consider that solicited or unsolicited?
            Indiscriminant or discriminating? Not only is it
            annoying, it's also wrong speech.

            Right speech is truthful, beneficial, spoken at the
            right time and right place, with right view and right
            attitude, with intent to benefit the listener. The
            listener is unlikely to benefit from the incomparable
            dhamma if it is force fed and overwhelming in length.
            Maybe in one of the deva realms where life spans and
            patience is long. The human realm has micro attention
            spans. One can not absorb all of that juicy dhamma in
            one burst.

            1) even the sublime dhamma correctly expounded can be
            spam and/or wrong speech
            2) the string of posts in question, despite being
            magnificent sublime dhamma, has been promulgated in a
            way that exactly matches the definition of spam.
            3) This list, in the year or so I've been on it, has
            relatively low traffic and a very polite tolerance for
            off topic tangents. There is a conscientious effort
            among the list members to keep it on track and pali
            related. Unfortunately I'm not one of the polite or
            patient listmembers gifted with gentle speech. I made
            one effort to be semi gentle and polite, when that
            elicited no response, I switched to the direct and
            brutally Frank mode. Sorry, I gotta be me, despite


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          • rjkjp1
            ... Dear Frank, You have to be you, BECAUSE of anatta. Robertk
            Message 5 of 6 , Jul 1 2:17 PM
              --- In Pali@yahoogroups.com, Frank Kuan <fcckuan@y...> wrote:
              > Sorry, I gotta be me, despite
              > anatta.
              Dear Frank,
              You have to be you, BECAUSE of anatta.
            • Samahita
              Hey fk You wisely yet sardonicly turned attention ... All forgiven as that is progress when a man see his own mistake and make amends to repair it. Still: Keep
              Message 6 of 6 , Jul 9 2:58 AM
                Hey fk

                You wisely yet sardonicly turned attention
                the right direction and quite honestly noted:

                > Unfortunately I'm not one of the polite or
                > patient listmembers gifted with gentle speech. I made
                > one effort to be semi gentle and polite, when that
                > elicited no response, I switched to the direct and
                > brutally Frank mode. Sorry, I gotta be me, despite
                > anatta.

                All forgiven as that is progress when a man see his
                own mistake and make amends to repair it.

                Keep on the right track.
                Keep cool.
                Let it pass.
                It is not 'yours' anyway.
                It is a minor thing really
                unless you blow it up ....
                You are just annoying yourself ao.
                There is no vulcano here unless you
                make one. Friendliness is also good.

                Where is 'the Voluminousity' really ?
                Externally in the posted world ? or
                Internally in the mental reactions ?

                Thanks for the irony!
                A great tool.
                Turn the beam though. ;-)

                What about ?
                I am not there!
                You are not there!
                Mutually ignoring.
                Then no problem!
                Thats anatta in action ...

                Sorry for the non-responsiveness
                at times. Am mostly retreating in
                the far away mountain forest.

                Sorry2 for the strict non-pali
                relatedness of this mail.

                Seems inevitable though. ;-)

                Only dust is whirled up!

                May all be calm & free :-)

                Bhikkhu Samahita ; - ]
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