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  • rsalm2002 <rsalm@rio.com>
    Dear Yahoo-Pali Group-- I m new to this group, just tried posting but the message didn t seem to go through. So here s a second try... The citation John asks
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2003
      Dear Yahoo-Pali Group--

      I'm new to this group, just tried posting but the message didn't seem
      to go through. So here's a second try...

      The citation John asks about is from the first book of the Samyutta
      (Sagaathaavagga), chapter 7, 1 2 (Alternately, SN 161-2. Cf. Bh. Bodhi
      English edition, vol. 1 p.255f.) The following, however, is from the
      PTS translation:

      "Now the so-called `Reviler' [Bhaaradvaaja]... heard that the head of
      his clan had left society to enter the order of Gautama the Recluse.
      Vexed and displeased, he sought the presence of the [Buddha], and there
      reviled and abused the Exalted One with rude and harsh speech. When he
      had thus spoken, the Buddha said: `Do you, Brahmin,
      receive visits from friends and colleagues, from your kin by blood or
      by marriage, from guests?' `Yes, Master
      Gautama, sometimes I do.' `But if they do not accept [your
      hospitality], Brahmin, to whom do those things
      go?' `If they do not accept, Master Gautama, those things go back to
      us.' `Even so, Brahmin. That wherewith
      you revile us who revile not, that we do not accept at your hands. It
      is for you only!... It is as if you and your
      visitors dined together and made good. We neither dine together with
      you nor make good. It is for you only
      Brahmin! It is only for you!'"

      About me: I'm a 50-yr. old male of French Canadian heritage. I've been
      studying Pali for about two years now, mostly on my own, with one
      summer in Sri Lanka. I'm glad I found this busy list, and am content to
      "lurk" for awhile-- and learn.

      -- René

      John Kelly wrote:

      Dear Pali friends,
      I have a question. Where does the following metaphor
      appear in the Pali canon?
      "A man comes to the Buddha and spews anger at him.
      The Buddha asks
      him, "If one prepares a meal for a guest, but the
      guest declines to eat
      it, to whom does the food belong?" The man replies,
      "Well, to the
      host, of course." The Buddha then concludes, "Just so
      it is with
      anger. If it is not received, then it is belongs only
      to the

      Thanks for any help anyone can offer.

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