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Ud I.4 4th sentence

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  • Derek Cameron
    Ud I.4 4th sentence: Atha kho aññataro hu.mhu nka-jaatiko braahma.no yena bhagavaa ten upasa nkami; upasa nkamitvaa bhagavataa saddhi.m sammodi. Atha -
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      Ud I.4 4th sentence:

      Atha kho a��ataro hu.mhu"nka-jaatiko braahma.no yena
      bhagavaa ten'upasa"nkami; upasa"nkamitvaa bhagavataa
      saddhi.m sammodi.

      Atha - "then"

      kho - "indeed"

      a��ataro - nominative, "a certain"

      hu.mhu"nka-jaatiko - nominative.

      hu.mhu"nka - literally means one who goes around
      saying "hu.m," "hu.m". The PED gives it as grumbly,
      which does allow from the simple title of "Grumbler
      Sutta" for Ud I.4. It is apparently a common Buddhist
      term for one of the brahman caste. But from its
      etymology, I would think it has a sense of
      "despising," "contemptuous," "haughty," "proud," etc.

      jaatiko - "by birth" or "by nature."

      So, "grumbly-natured."

      braahma.no - nominative, i.e. the subject of the
      sentence, "brahmin" (or do we spell it "brahman"

      yena bhagavaa ten[a] upasa"nkami - this idiomatic
      construction we had recently on the list as I
      remember: "which Blessed One, that he approached,"
      i.e., "drew near to the Blessed One" (but why is
      bhagavaa in the nominative case?)

      upasa"nkamitvaa - gerund, also known as absolutive,
      "having approached"

      bhagavataa - instrumental of bhagavant, from the
      so-called weak stem bhagavat-, "with the Blessed One"

      saddhi.m - "with," "together," (the word we were
      discussing recently in another context)

      sammodi - aorist, 3rd person singular, "exchanged


      "Then a certain grumbly-natured brahmin approached the
      Blessed One, and having approached exchanged

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