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Re: opaneyyiko

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    Dear Flavio, once a week I recite this beautiful Dhamma-vandana chanting (also found in the Dhaj agga Sutta (Sa.myutta-Nikaaya XI.3), which I have learned this
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2003
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      Dear Flavio, once a week I recite this beautiful Dhamma-vandana chanting
      (also found in the Dhaj'agga Sutta (Sa.myutta-Nikaaya XI.3), which I have
      learned this way:

      Svaakkhaato Bhagavataa Dhammo,
      san'di.t.thiko, a'kaaliko,
      ehi'passiko, opanayiko,
      paccatta.m veditabbo viññuuhi

      I have come sometimes across the opaneyyiko spelling, and I was told by
      Sri-Lankan monks it was a misspelling.

      Whatever, the litteral meaning of this key word is simply, as I was told or
      as I understood it (I'm not too sure now): "leading inward".

      Or, in other words, as I think it can more explicitely be understood:

      "its -the Dhamma's- inward (inner, interior, internal) effects are tangible".

      Of course, Yong Peng's interpretation is correct, but a bit more downstream
      semantically and spiritually.

      Wishing you happiness and success on the Way.

      Yours in the Dhamma,

      Dr Gabriel Jîvasattha Bittar


      From: "Ong Yong Peng <ypong001@...>" <ypong001@...>
      Subject: Re: opaneyyiko

      Dear Flavio,

      if opaneyyiko is related to opanayika, as from PED, it
      means "leading to Nibbana" (adj., fr. upaneti).

      Yong Peng


      From: "Flavio Costa" <listas@...>
      Subject: opaneyyiko

      Hello all,

      I'm translating a part of the Bhaya Sutta [AN X.92] and I'm having some
      trouble to understand the word "opaneyyiko": ...dhammo sandi.t.thiko
      akaaliko ehipassiko opaneyyiko...

      In ATI's translation it reads "pertinent". At a first glance I thought comes
      >from [??? + neyya + iko], but I have no idea if I'm on the right track. Can
      anyone help me with it?

      Thank you in advance,

      Flavio Costa

      Jacqueline "Gotamî Jîvarakkhî" Bittar
      Dr Gabriel "Ananda Jîvasattha" Bittar,
      PhD University of Geneva
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      a'niccâ vata san'khârâ
      ( a'niccaa vata san'khaaraa )
      "impermanent are structural processes"
      "instables sont les flux structurels"
      Siddhârtha (Siddhaartha) Gautama Buddha
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