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Re: [Pali] Gair Karunatillake Answers - Chapters 12

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    Dear John, Comments on the last lesson: Section 1 1. misprint - Blessed One was living at Savatthi; Jetavane - at Jeta s forest; pubba.nhasamaya.m - in the
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      Dear John,

      Comments on the last lesson:

      Section 1

      misprint - Blessed One was living at Savatthi;

      Jetavane - at Jeta's forest;

      pubba.nhasamaya.m - in the morning, before noon;

      paavisi - entered;

      paggahita - being offered;

      "Stay there, you shaveling, stay there you wretched ascetic, stay there
      you outcast."

      "Then do you know, Brahmin, who is an outcast or what
      qualities make one an outcast?"

      bho - venerable, the form of address for equal or lower in rank, the
      same as 'bhavant'.

      parirundhati - besieges;

      He that, being able, does not support frail and
      aged mother or father; know him as an 'outcast'.

      He that harms and annoys with words mother or father, brother,
      sister, father-in-law; know him as an 'outcast'.

      anekapariyaayena - in various ways;

      2. (This sutta has been translated partly in September 2001 at our Pali
      mailing list, with the Commentary. The first stanza is said by
      Sariputta to Rahula who lived together with his father.)

      "Do you not despise the wise man because of living with him
      Is the torchbearer of mankind honoured by you?"

      "I don't despise the wise man because of living with him
      The torchbearer of mankind is always honoured by me."

      piyaruupe - seemingly pleasant;
      -ruupa indicates false likeness;

      "Having gone forth from the house out of faith, become one who makes
      an end of suffering."

      ovadati - exhorted;

      3. Then the venerable Ananda approached the Blessed One; having
      approached, greeted him, and sat down at one side.

      sata.m - gen/dat of 'sant';

      "A scent of good person goes against the wind,
      A virtuous person spreads(diffuses) [it] in all directions."

      When he was 16, he fell ill with jaundice.

      Due to applying it, his [son's] disease became strong.

      ... and said, "We have one specialization; ...

      ... cried, "Where is my sole boy! ...

      Section 2

      sukhallikaa - life of luxury (according to Monier-Williams

      anuyogo - practice;

      pothujjaniko - common, petty;

      dukkho - painful;

      abhisambuddhaa - perfectly/completely comprehended/realized;

      cakkhukara.ni - producing vision;

      ... association with unpleasant is suffering, parting with pleasant is
      suffering ... (both 'who' and 'what' can be unpleasant/pleasant);

      ... origin of suffering: this very craving ...

      ... cessation of suffering: the complete fading away and cessation
      of this very craving, ...

      'This is the noble truth of suffering': thus vision arose, knowledge
      arose, wisdom arose, revelation arose, illumination arose in me about
      teachings not heard [by me] before.

      sacchikatabba (sa + acchi) - to be seen by own eyes, to be witnessed
      on one's own;

      paccannasi.m - past tense, first person, singular form of
      'pa.tijaanaati' "promises";

      Monks, as long as my knowledge and vision just as it is of these four
      noble truths, in three rounds and twelve ways, was not well-purified,
      I did not promise in this world with its gods, Mara, and Brahma, with
      generation of ascetics and Brahmins, devas and humans: "I have
      completely realized unsurpassed perfect enlightenment".

      Migadaya - Deer Forest;

      Then the Blessed One exclaimed a paean of joy - "Oh, friend Kondanna,
      you have understood! Oh, friend Kondanna, you have understood!" In
      this way "Kondanna-who-has-understood" became the name of the
      venerable Kondanna.

      * * *

      Attached is the answers file with some errors corrected.

      Kind regards,


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