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Re: [Pali] introduction

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  • Piya Tan
    Welcome Henry! Piya.
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 1, 2001
      Welcome Henry!


      "Henry J. Grossi" wrote:

      > Dear friends,
      > I'm happy to find an active Pali group again. The others seemed to have dies
      > a quiet death.
      > to tell the members something about myself:
      > 1. Are you a buddhist? If not, what makes you interested in Theravada
      > Buddhism?
      > Yes I am a Buddhist, a student of the monks at the Bhavana Society in West
      > Virginia, where the Venerable Henepola Gunatarana is abbot.
      > 2. Are you learning/teaching the Pali language? If yes, what do you think
      > are the common difficulties faced by students?
      > I am presently learning Pali, having found a very good teacher in
      > Washington, DC. I've been attempting to learn the language on my own,
      > starting with Warder and Gair before turning to De Silva's Pali Primer. (I
      > plan to move to Gair after I've worked through much of de Silva.) I think my
      > main stumbling block in learning Pali has been the lack of someone to whom
      > to pose questions, many of which arose when I attempted the exercises in de
      > Silva on my own. Hence the need of a teacher.
      > 3. Do you read and study the suttas, or other Tipitaka/Pali literature (such
      > as Abhidhamma, Vinaya)?
      > I have been working my way through the translations of the nikayas published
      > by Wisdom Publications and am currently halfway through the Samyutta Nikaya.
      > I hope to be able to do it all again in Pali.
      > 4. Do you use any tools/guidebooks in your study of the Pali canon, or do
      > you apply any methods in your study?
      > I like the Wisdom editions because of the excellent introductions and notes,
      > most by Bhikkhu Bodhi. Von Hunuber's "A Handbook of Pali Literature" has
      > also been helpful.
      > 5. Do you meditate regularly? If you do, where do you learn/practice and
      > what are the methods that you use?
      > I have a daily meditation practice and go to retreats as often as I can.
      > Anapanasati is the basis of my meditation practice, with healthy doses of
      > metta and vipassana meditation.
      > 6. Were/Are you involved in any translation works of the Tipitaka? Are you
      > interested in such works?
      > I have never done translation of these works but would hope to do some one
      > day.
      > With metta,
      > Henry (a.k.a. upasaka asoka)
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    • Ong Yong Peng
      Dear Henry, welcome to the group. Yong Peng. [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
      Message 2 of 3 , Aug 2, 2001
        Dear Henry, welcome to the group.

        Yong Peng.

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