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Re: Take a bite out of that sandwich Re: [Pali] Fwd: Aranavibhanga Sutta Re: Maharahulovada Sutta update

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  • Frank Kuan
    ... Ok, I re-read it. We seem to disagree. What you are implying here as strong word , I consider clinging to regional language and rejecting common usage.
    Message 1 of 10 , Feb 5, 2003
      --- Piya Tan <libris@...> wrote:
      > Frank,
      > And now, you should read section 10.

      Ok, I re-read it. We seem to disagree. What you are
      implying here as "strong word", I consider "clinging
      to regional language and rejecting common usage." I'd
      be very curious to know exactly the "strength" of the
      pali regional term the buddha uses in the sutta.
      Perhaps the pali term was equivalent to my regional
      version. Also note that "strength" is a completely
      relative concept. In the company of the Queen of
      England, even the regional terms you may consider
      acceptable might be to her "too strong".

      In the context of this company, meaning the Pali
      group, I would hope that we are all cultivators. As
      such, my operating assumption has been that there is
      little if any clinging to "regional
      language/colloquialism" among the people here.
      However, if I am too presumptuous, then I heartily

      I'd especially like to apologize to the fecal matter
      that I had insensitively referred to in the tongue of
      my regional language, which Mr. fecal matter has
      informed me the politically correct term for his
      people is "turd". It should be noted that as a result
      of the great Turd war of 1850, the rival "Poo-poo"
      clan had their regional title stripped, and is no
      longer "recognized" by most other countries with the
      notable exception of the Nation of Crap. In diplomatic
      relations, the Queen of England refer to the
      ambassador of Turd respectfully as "Number Two".


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