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Re[2]: [Pali] Gair Karunatillake Answers - Chapter 10 (& 11)

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  • ������� ���������� ��������� (Dimitry A.
    Dear John, ... JK What s the problem here? PED lists ko.ti as end, JK tip , da.n.da is stick , and the -iya.m ending is an JK alternative form of the
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 30, 2003
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      Dear John,

      JK> Dimitry - one comment on your feedback. You said:
      >> da.n.dako.tiya.m - maybe a misprint
      >> 'a.n.dakotiya.m'?
      >> Can you check other editions of
      >> Dhammapada-atthakatha?
      JK> What's the problem here? PED lists ko.ti as "end,
      JK> tip", da.n.da is "stick", and the -iya.m ending is an
      JK> alternative form of the locative for feminine -i stem
      JK> nouns. Hence "on the end of a stick" makes sense,
      JK> right?

      It doesn't make much sense in the sentence. From where the eggs were
      taken - they were on the end of the stick? Why?
      Or do bees lay eggs?

      a.n.dakotiya.m would make sense as a great number (mass) of (ants') eggs.

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