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Re: [Pali] Re: Samyutta Index & Reference Number Conversion Table

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  • Kumara Bhikkhu
    Nina, I think you didn t get what he was trying to say. Please refer to BB s comment on CDB.
    Message 1 of 10 , Sep 9, 2012
      Nina, I think you didn't get what he was trying to say. Please refer
      to BB's comment on CDB.

      Nina van Gorkom wrote thus at 10:35 PM 09-09-12:
      >Dear Thomas,thank you for your contribution and all the references
      >you have given.
      >Op 8-sep-2012, om 7:23 heeft thomaslaw03 het volgende geschreven:
      > > SN 21 belongs also to Sagathavagga (Bhikkhu Bodhi, The Connected
      > > Discourses of the Buddha, vol. 1, p. 532). Thus, it should be moved
      > > back to the original collection of SN 1-11.
      > >
      >N: Yes, all over the Pali texts there are doubles, or triples or more
      >of the same text. This is, as I see it, no problem at all. It is good
      >to read repetitions in different contexts. It can give us extra
      >reminders of the truth, not to be forgetful of realities, dhammas,
      >appearing at this moment. Is this not the purpose of our study? Our
      >purpose is not just book knowledge, but knowing the dhammas of our
      >daily life. As for me, I cannot hear the same text often enough. I
      >also appreciate it to read it in different contexts, this can deepen
      >our understanding.
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