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    FYI ... From: Date: 24 February 2011 12:38 Subject: [tlc] TLC-new book To: rels-tlc@groups.sas.upenn.edu Forwarded from H-Buddhism.
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      Date: 24 February 2011 12:38
      Subject: [tlc] TLC-new book
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      Dear List Members,

      Please be informed of my recent publication: Buddhavacana: A Pali
      Reader. You may order it directly from the publisher, Pariyatti

      Bhikkhu Bodhi explains the scope of the Reader as follows:

      ``Glenn Wallis has compiled a comprehensive Pali reader intended to
      enable the earnest student to move directly into reading the Pali
      Nikayas. Wallis's purpose is not to explain the rules and structure of
      Pali grammar. The book presupposes that the student has already
      acquired an adequate grasp of the grammar?for which I recommend Lily
      De Silva's A Pali Primer?and wants to learn to read the texts
      themselves. Hence the format of the book is quite simple. After a
      short introduction explaining his approach, Wallis presents each
      section according to a fixed pattern. There is a sutta, usually fairly
      short; blank pages where the student can write down their own
      rendering; a word by word guide to the sutta, with brief grammatical
      annotations; and at the end of the whole book, polished translations
      by Wallis himself of all the suttas offered for study. Those students
      who require fuller grammatical explanations may find that this
      approach demands a greater intuitive capacity for understanding a
      foreign language than they are endowed with. But those who have this
      intuitive gift will find that by the time they complete this book,
      they will be able to read virtually any sutta in the Nikayas.''

      Glenn Wallis

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