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FW: SMC Ne ws: Sayada w U Kundal abhivamsa – Live Bro adcast on 9 May, 6pm

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  • TC Lim
    ... From: Sati Patthana Date: Thu, May 6, 2010 at 7:18 AM Subject: SMC News: Sayadaw U Kundalabhivamsa – Live Broadcast on 9
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      From: Sati Patthana <sati_patthana@...>
      Date: Thu, May 6, 2010 at 7:18 AM
      Subject: SMC News: Sayadaw U Kundalabhivamsa � Live Broadcast on 9 May, 6pm
      To: sati_patthana@...

      Dear Brothers & Sisters-in-the-Dhamma,

      We are very happy to inform you that there will be a live broadcast of Dhamma advice by Sayadaw U Kundalabhivamsa this Sunday, 9 May at 6 pm. If you are able to come to SMC this Sunday, please join us to pay our respects to Sayadaw U Kundalalabhivamsa. If not, please join us to pay our respect and listen to Sayadaw�s Dhamma Advice via live broadcast, and to say SADHU SADHU SADHU together to wish Sayadaw good health, long life and happiness, from devotees all over the world on 9 May, 6 pm.

      A Big SADHU and Special Thanks to Brother Than M.O & friends for making this live broadcast possible. All are welcome to access the live broadcast links via SMC website on 9 May, 6 pm http://www.smcmeditation.org/ or at the following links http://dhammaransi.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=375&Itemid=78 or http://www.lotusfoundationmm.org/


      With Metta,
      Satipatthana Meditation Centre
      SMC News: Sayadaw U Kundalabhivamsa at SMC, Sun 9 May, 6pm

      Dear Brothers & Sisters-in-the-Dhamma,

      We are very happy to invite Venerable Sayadaw U Kundalabhivamsa (Agga Maha Kammatthanacariya, Abhidhajamaharatthaguru), the Abbot of Saddhammaramsi Meditation Centre, Mayangone, Myanmar for a brief visit to SMC on 9 May 2010 (Sun) at 6 pm.

      According to the Khuddaka Nikaya, �For him who has the habit of paying homage and who always respect the elders, four things increase, namely - life span, beauty, happiness and strength.�

      The visit is organized for devotees to have an opportunity to honour and to pay respects to the elderly 89-year-old Venerable Sayadaw U Kundalabhivamsa and to wish Sayadaw a smooth recovery, good health and long life. Sayadaw is recovering from a health ailment and Sayadaw�s health condition is delicate. Hence we seek the kind understanding and cooperation from devotees to refrain from engaging in conversation with Sayadaw for the sake of his health during his brief visit at SMC. Devotees are most welcome to honour and quietly pay their respects to wish Sayadaw good health, long life and happiness, and devotees may offer four requisites to Sayadaw, if they wish.

      For biography of Venerable Sayadaw U Kundalabhivamsa, please refer to :
      http://www.saddhamaransi.org/index.php?Itemid=53 and

      Program on 9 May 2010 (Sun) at SMC, 40 Jalan Malu-Malu (Behind Sembawang Shopping Centre):
      5.50 pm All devotees be seated at SMC
      6 pm Arrival of Venerable Sayadaw U Kundalabhivamsa at SMC
      Taking of 3 refuges & 5 precepts
      Dhamma Advice by Sayadaw (in Burmese with English translation)
      Paying respects & well wishes to Sayadaw & offering of four requisites
      by devotees
      6.45pm (or earlier) Venerable Sayadaw U Kundalabhivamsa leaves SMC

      Due to space constraint at SMC, please be informed that devotees need to queue and take turns to pay their respects to the Venerable Sayadaw.

      Please be punctual. For those who are driving, we would appreciate if you could park your car at the car park of Sembawang Shopping Centre. Please do not park your car in front of the gates of the houses. Thank you for your co-operation. http://www.smcmeditation.org/SMC_map.htm

      We welcome you to join us on this joyous and meritorious occasion.
      Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

      With Metta,
      Satipatthana Meditation Centre
      DHAMMA REFLECTION in the month of May 2010

      The task of each and every Buddhist is first to make the Buddha-Dhamma a living reality, by studying it and practising it in everyday life. When we live in accordance with the Dhamma we can speak about it with authority. Secondly, a Buddhist�s task is to spread the pure Buddha-Dhamma, or help the Sangha who devote their whole lives to the study, practice and spreading of the pure Dhamma � which is excellent in the beginning, in the middle and in the end. Thereby we become helpers of humanity and messengers of peace and happiness.
      Extracted from �A Buddhist�s Companion � An Exposition & Selected Quotations�,
      By Ashin Thittila, Pg. 54.
      Please refer to our website at http://www.smcmeditation.org/ for regular news updates. Join us as a Supporter (Upathambhaka) of SMC.
      If you have problems accessing the file, please access the website for free acrobat reader download at http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html

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