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[Pali] Dhammacakkappavattanasutta, no 23.

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  • Nina van Gorkom
    Dear friends, Dhammacakkappavattanasutta, no 23. Text commentary: In this connection it is said that when the Wheel of dhamma was set in motion by the Blessed
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 28, 2010
      Dear friends,
      Dhammacakkappavattanasutta, no 23.

      Text commentary: In this connection it is said that when the Wheel of
      dhamma was set in motion by the Blessed One, the Earth Devas exulted.
      Here Earth refers to the devas dwelling on the earth. As to the
      expression, they exulted (uttered a sound), they gave expression to
      their appreciation (sadhukaara.m) all at once (at one stroke,
      ekappahaarena). They exulted, saying,
      � The unsurpassed Wheel of Dhamma has been set in motion by the
      Blessed One...�.
      As to the radiance, obhaaso, this is the radiance of omniscience.
      This brilliance surpasses the divine power of the devas.
      As to the words "Konda~n~na indeed has understood, the exultation of
      this joyful utterance (udaana) resounded loudly and permeated the
      tenthousand worldsystems (lokadhaatu) and settled.
      The subcommentary explains as to obhaaso, radiance, that this is
      materiality originated from the element of heat (utu), conditioned by
      citta by the power of his omniscience. It also mentions that
      enthusiasm (piiti) and happy feeling (somanassa) arose also at the
      occasion of this joyful utterance (udaana).
      Commentary text: Ta.m sandhaaya pavattite ca pana bhagavataa
      dhammacakke bhummaa devaa saddamanussaavesuntiaadi vutta.m.
      Tattha bhummaati bhuuma.t.thakadevataa. Saddamanussaavesunti
      ekappahaareneva saadhukaara.m datvaa. "Eta.m bhagavataa"tiaadiini
      vadantaa anusaavayi.msu. Obhaasoti sabba~n~nuta~n~naa.nobhaaso. So hi
      tadaa devaana.m devaanubhaava.m atikkamitvaa virocittha. A~n~naasi
      vata, bho, ko.n.da~n~noti imassapi udaanassa udaahaaranigghoso
      dasasahassilokadhaatu.m pharitvaa a.t.thaasi.

      N: Konda~n~na who attained the first stage of enlightenment, the
      stage of the sotaapanna, together with the eighteen crores of
      brahmas, was the first who clearly understood the Dhamma. He was
      named A~n~naa-Konda~n~na, Konda~n~na who has understood. While he
      listened to the Buddha he developed clear understanding of all mental
      phenomena (naama) and physical phenomena (ruupa) that appeared at
      those moments. He realized their arising and falling away, their
      nature of dukkha.
      At the moment of enlightenment the magga-citta arises that directly
      experiences nibbaana and eradicates defilements in accordance with
      the stage of enlightenment that is attained. At the stage of the
      sotaapanna wrong view and doubt about realities is eradicated. But
      the sotaapanna still has desire, aversion and other defilements. Only
      at the fourth and final stage, the stage of the arahat, all
      defilements are eradicated.
      The sotaapanna is sure to reach final enlightenment and he does not
      have to be reborn more than seven times. But as to A~n~naa-
      Konda~n~na, after five days he attained final enlightenment, the
      stage of the arahat, when the Buddha preached the �Anatta lakkha.na
      sutta�. He reached final liberation from the aeons of wandering in
      (the end)

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