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finding corresponding paragraphs in pali and english suttas

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  • frank
    Now I ve been going through a few suttas, taking my notes keeping an html table with two columns, left column english (usually thanissaro s from ATI), the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 27, 2010
      Now I've been going through a few suttas, taking my notes keeping an
      html table with two columns, left column english (usually thanissaro's
      from ATI), the right column pali (usually from worldtipitaka or DPR).
      With the few pali key words that I know, and punctuation marks between
      pali and english to find where they match up, I break it up into
      paragraph chunks matching it up in rows/chunks so that corresponding
      (small digestible chunks for a beginner) sections are in a row.

      Then this idea came to me. Say for example,


      Metta.lk which has an english translation for every single one of the
      152 suttas in [M. nikaya], suppose they allow a team of volunteers to
      add numeric tags to each sutta, corresponding exactly with the paragraph
      numbers that show up in DPR pali. With the numeric tags in pali and
      english, it would be trivial for a programmer to set up two windows to
      show pali and english side by side with small corresponding chunks
      matching up.

      If there are pali literate people willing to drop in those paragraph
      numbers, I'd be willing to write code to display pali and english
      numbered paragraphs side by side. If we can't obtain permission, I
      could still write the code to create html files for our local computers
      with the side by side output

      Actually, I don't even have a to write a program. You simply have to
      resize two windows side by side, one containing a browser pointing to
      for example metta.lk sutta in english.with numbered paragraphs, and the
      other window with DPR showing the corresponding pali sutta, and one
      could manually adjust the scrolls bars to keep the lines matching up.

      If I did write a program, I would go a step further and reformat both
      pali and english to print line by line (each sentence starting a new
      line on leftmost column) so it's easier to try to match up the
      corresponding parts for the beginner.
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