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Pali Day by Day G057 - The New Pali Course Part II - Ex 24 p185

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  • Ong Yong Peng
    Exercise 24 Translate into Pali using participles 1. There were broken houses, fallen trees, dead bodies, and wounded persons in the villages that were near
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      Exercise 24
      Translate into Pali using participles

      1. There were broken houses, fallen trees, dead bodies, and wounded
      persons in the villages that were near the battlefield.
      ahesu.m / bhinnaani / agaaraani / patitaa / rukkhaa / mataa /
      kaayaa / ca / va.nitaa / manussaa / gaamesu / aviduuresu /
      Yuddhabhuumi.m aviduuresu gaamesu bhinnaani agaaraani ca patitaa
      rukkhaa ca mataa kaayaa ca va.nitaa manussaa ca ahesu.m.

      2. The Blessed One, who came out of the monastery, entered the city
      through the decorated path, respected, honoured and praised by
      the people.
      bhagavaa / nikkhamma / vihaarasmaa / pavisi / nagara.m /
      pa.tima.n.ditena / maggena / garukato / maanito / abhitthuto /
      Manussebhi garukato maanito abhitthuto bhagavaa vihaarasmaa
      nikkhamma pa.tima.n.ditena maggena nagara.m pavisi.

      3. The young lord saw, as he was driving to the park, an aged man
      as bent as a roof gable, leaning on a staff, and tottering.
      daharo / adhipati / passi / paajento / uyyaana.m / vuddha.m /
      nara.m / aabhujita.m / viya / gopaanasi.m / da.n.da-paraaya.na.m /
      Uyyaana.m paajento daharo adhipati da.n.da-paraaya.na.m
      pavedhanta.m viya gopaanasi.m aabhujita.m vuddha.m nara.m

      4. The mother of Yasa having gone up to his palace, and not seeing
      him, went to her husband and said:
      maataa / yasassa / aaruyha / tassa / paasaada.m / na / disvaa /
      ta.m / gantvaa / tassaa / pati.m / aaha
      (Tassa) paasaada.m aaruyha (ta.m) na disvaa yasassa maataa tassaa
      pati.m gantvaa aaha:

      "Your son Yasa, householder, has disappeared."
      te / putto / Yaso / gahapati / antarahito
      "Yaso te putto, gahapati, antarahito."

      5. Then the householder thinking that sitting there he would see
      his son, sitting at the same place, became glad, and having
      saluted the Blessed One, sat down near Him.
      tadaa / gahapati / cintento / nisiidanto / yattha / so /
      passeyya / tassa / putta.m / nisiidanto / samaane / .thaane /
      pasiiditvaa / abhivaadetvaa / bhagavanta.m / upanisiidi / ta.m
      Tadaa 'yattha nisiidanto samaane .thaane nisiidanto so (tassa)
      putta.m passeyyaa'ti cintento gahapati pasiiditvaa bhagavanta.m
      abhivaadetvaa upanisiidi.

      6. "Then, as he went along, he saw the peasants ploughing* the
      fields in soiled garments, covered with dust blown by hot winds."
      tadaa / so / gacchante / so / passi / jaanapadike / kasante /
      khettaani / malinesu / vatthesu / sa~nchannesu / dhuuliyaa /
      vaayitaaya / u.nhehi / vaatehi
      "Tadaa, gacchante so u.nhehi vaatehi vaayitaaya dhuuliyaa
      sa~nchannesu malinesu vatthesu khettaani kasante jaanapadike

      7. "All the while she was talking, the Brahmans were beholding the
      splendour of her teeth...
      saa / kathentiya.m / brahma.naa / passantaa / tassaa /
      "Kathentiya.m tassaa danta-kalyaa.na.m passantaa brahma.naa...

      and having applauded her speech, they took the gold wreath, and
      placed it on her head."
      abhitthavitvaa / tassaa / katha.m / te / aadaaya /
      suva.n.na-daama.m / .thapesu.m / tassaa / siise
      tassaa katha.m abhitthavitvaa suva.n.na-daama.m aadaaya tassaa
      siise .thapesu.m."

      8. "The day before she was to depart, the treasurer sat in his room
      and had his daughter sit by him, and he admonished her, telling
      the rules of conduct she should adopt when she came to dwell in
      her husband's family."
      divase / purato / taayo / bhuutaaya / vigantu.m / se.t.thii /
      nisiiditvaa / tassa / okaase / upanisiidaapetvaa / tassa /
      dhiitara.m / ta.m / so / anusaasi / ta.m / vadanto / sikkhaayo /
      vattetabbaayo / taaya / yato...tato / saa / aagacchi / vasitu.m /
      tassaa / patikule
      "(Yadaa) divase purato vigantu.m bhuutaaya taayo, (tadaa)
      se.t.thii (tassa) okaase nisiiditvaa ta.m (tassa) dhiitara.m
      panisiidaapetvaa yato saa tassaa patikule vasitu.m aagacchi
      tato taaya vattetabbaayo sikkhaayo vadanto (ta.m) anusaasi."

      9. "Migaara the treasurer rode in a conveyance behind the others,
      and beholding a great crowd of people following, he asked,
      migaaro / se.t.thii / yanto / yaanasmi.m / pacchato / a~n~ne /
      passanto / mahaasamuuha.m / manussaana.m / anugacchantaana.m /
      "Se.t.thii migaaro a~n~ne pacchato yaanasmi.m yanto,
      anugacchantaana.m manussaana.m mahaasamuuha.m passanto, pucchi,

      'Pray, who are these?'"
      bho / ke / ime
      'Bho, ke ime?'ti"

      10. "So she entered the city standing in her chariot, and showing
      herself to the whole town."
      eva.m / saa / pavisi / nagara.m / ti.t.thantii / tassaa /
      rathe / dassentii / attaana.m / sakala.m / nagara.m
      "Eva.m tassaa rathe ti.t.thantii saa nagara.m pavisi, sakala.m
      nagara.m attaana.m dassentii."

      * plowing

      Link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Pali/message/12633
      Link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Pali/message/12645

      Please correct me if there is any mistakes.

      Yong Peng.
    • Ong Yong Peng
      Dear friends, below is the link to NPC2 study guide, if you are looking for it. metta, Yong Peng. ... http://www.tipitaka.net/palicourseguide2.pdf
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        Dear friends,

        below is the link to NPC2 study guide, if you are looking for it.

        Yong Peng.

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