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SV: [Pali] Re: Devanagari transliteration of pali words

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  • Gunnar Gällmo
    http://stores.lulu.com/gunnargallmo http://metrobloggen.se/esperanto ... First, just to say that Devanagari is the name of a script used to write Sanskrit,
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 18, 2009

      --- Den lör 2009-04-18 skrev Ong Yong Peng <palismith@...>:

      "First, just to say that Devanagari is the name of a script used to write Sanskrit, Hindi and several other Indian languages. So, we can translate from Pali to English, Sanskrit, Hindi, etc., but not from Pali to Devanagari. On the other hand, we can write Pali in Devanagari, as easily as we do so in, say, Roman. Usually, Pali is not written in Devanagari, but the kind people from VRI had made the entire Tipitaka now available in Devanagari script! http://www.tipitaka .org/"

      Is VRI the only on-line edition of the Tipitaka with this function (to change the script just by a click)?

      By the way, there also was a paper edition of the Tipitaka in Devanagari script (but I suppose it's out of print now), published by the Nava Nalanda Mahavihara after the Sixth Sangayana. I found it to be more reliable than old PTS editions.


      Låna pengar utan säkerhet. Jämför vilkor online hos Kelkoo.
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