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Re: [Pali] Re: learning the vocabularies of Pali primer, Elementay course and Warder

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  • Kumara Bhikkhu
    Tools AutoCorrect... Word Completion Untick Enable Word Completion kb
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 24, 2009
      Tools > AutoCorrect... > Word Completion
      Untick "Enable Word Completion"


      Dipa . wrote thus at 06:50 21/02/2009:
      >Hi Ria,
      >When I try to practice with the spreadsheet which I open with
      >Open Office on my computer the OO has an autocomplete
      >feature which ruins my practice as it is giving me the answer
      >while I am trying to type my own answer. You mentioned
      >using Open Office and so I wondered if you might know how
      >to turn the automatic complete off.
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