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Pali Day by Day G048 - The New Pali Course Part II - Ex 19 p143

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  • Ong Yong Peng
    Exercise 19 Translate into Pali, using the secondary derivatives wherever it is possible 1. Now the disciples at Paa.taligaama heard of his arrival there, and
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      Exercise 19
      Translate into Pali, using the secondary derivatives wherever it is

      1. Now the disciples at Paa.taligaama heard of his arrival there, and
      they went on to the place where he was, and invited him to their
      idaani / saavakaa / paa.taligaame / sutvaa / tassa / aagamana.m /
      tattha / te / upaagantvaa / yattha / so / ahosi / nimantesu.m /
      ta.m / tesaana.m / santhaagaara.m
      Paa.taligaame idaani saavakaa (tassa) aagamana.m sutvaa, yattha so
      ahosi tattha te upaagantvaa (tesaana.m) santhaagaara.m (ta.m) nimantesu.m.

      2. On arriving there, they strewed the council-hall with fresh sand,
      placed seats in it, set up a water-pot at the entrance, and fixed an
      oil lamp.
      aagamane / tattha / te / okiritvaa / santhaagaara.m / navena /
      pulinena / .thapetvaa / aasane / tasmi.m / .thapetvaa / gha.ta.m /
      dvaare / .thapesu.m / telappadiipa.m
      Tattha aagamane te navena pulinena santhaagaara.m okiritvaa, tasmi.m
      aasane .thapetvaa, dvaare gha.ta.m .thapetvaa, telappadiipa.m .thapesu.m.

      3. The Exalted One robed himself, took his bowl, went with the
      bhikkhus to the council-hall, washed his feet, entered the hall, and
      took his seat at the central pillar, with his face towards the east.
      bhagavaa / nivaasetvaa / aadaaya / tassa / patta.m / gantvaa /
      saha / bhikkhuubhi / santhaagaara.m / dhovitvaa / tassa / paade /
      pavisitvaa / saala.m / nisiidi / tassa / aasana.m / majjhime /
      thambhe / puratthaabhimukho
      Bhagavaa nivaasetvaa, (tassa) patta.m aadaaya, santhaagaara.m
      bhikkhuubhi saha gantvaa, (tassa) paade dhovitvaa, saala.m pavisitvaa,
      puratthaabhimukho majjhime thambhe (tassa) aasana.m nisiidi.

      4. "Go now, Aananda, and enter into Kusinaaraa, and inform the Mallas
      of Kusinaaraa, saying:
      gantvaa / idaani / aananda / pavisitvaa / kusinaaraaya.m / aarocehi /
      mallaana.m / kusinaaraaya / bhaasanta
      "Gantvaa idaani, aananda, kusinaaraaya.m pavisitvaa, kusinaaraaya
      mallaana.m aarocehi, bhaasanta:

      'This day, O Vaase.t.thas, in the last watch of the night, the final
      passing away of the Tathaagata will take place.'"
      eta.m / divasa.m / vaase.t.thaa / pacchime / yaame / rattiyaa /
      parinibbaa.na.m / tathaagatassa / upavattissati
      'eta.m divasa.m, vaase.t.thaa, rattiyaa pacchime yaame, tathaagatassa
      parinibbaa.na.m upavattissati.'"

      5. "Now at that time the venerable Mahaa-Kassapa was journeying along
      the high road from Paavaa to Kusinaaraa with a great company of the
      idaani / tena kho pana samayena / aayasmaa / mahaa-kassapo /
      ahosi / maggapa.tipanno / anu / addhaanamagga.m / paavaaya /
      kusinaara.m / saha / mahaaparisaaya / bhikkhuuna.m
      "Idaani, tena kho pana samayena, aayasmaa mahaa-kassapo bhikkhuuna.m
      mahaaparisaaya saha paavaaya kusinaara.m addhaanamagga.m anu
      maggapa.tipanno (ahosi).

      And the venerable Mahaa-Kassapa left the high road, and sat down at
      the foot of a certain tree."
      ca / aayasmaa / mahaakassapo / pahaaya / addhaanamaggasmaa /
      nisiidi / muule / a~n~natarassa / rukkhassa
      aayasmaa mahaakassapo addhaanamaggasmaa ca pahaaya, a~n~natarassa
      rukkhassa muule nisiidi."

      6. "Mahaa-Pajaapatii the Gotamii cut off her hair, put on
      orange-coloured robes, and set out, with a number of women of the
      Saakya clan, towards Vesaalii;
      mahaa-pajaapatii / gotamii / ucchinditvaa / tassaa /
      uttama`ngaruha.m / acchaadetvaa / kaasaava.m / nikkhami /
      saha / parisaaya / itthiina.m / saakyassa / santika.m /
      "Gotamii mahaa-pajaapatii (tassaa) uttama`ngaruha.m ucchinditvaa,
      kaasaava.m acchaadetvaa, saakyassa itthiina.m parisaaya saha vesaali.m
      santika.m nikkhami;

      and in due course arrived at Vesaalii, at Mahaavana, at the
      Kuu.taagaara Hall."
      anupubbena / avasari / vesaalimhi / mahaavane / kuu.taagaarasaalaaya.m
      anupubbena vesaalimhi mahaavane kuu.taagaarasaalaaya.m avasari."

      7. "Just, Aananda, as houses in which there are many women but few
      men, are easily violated by robbers...;
      aananda / yathaa / gharesu / yesu / santi / bahuu / itthii / pana /
      appakaa / naraa / sukhena / padha.msiyesu / corehi
      "Aananda, yathaa corehi sukhena padha.msiyesu yesu gharesu bahuu
      itthii pana appakaa naraa santi...;

      just so, Aananda, under whatever doctrine and discipline women are
      allowed to go out from the household life into the homeless state,
      that religion will not last long."
      tathaa / aananda / yasmi.m / dhamma-vinayasmi.m / naariyo /
      anu~n~naataa / pabbajitu.m / anagaariya.m / tasmi.m / saasana.m /
      na pavattissati / cira.m
      Aananda, tathaa yasmi.m anagaariya.m pabbajitu.m anu~n~naataa naariyo
      tasmi.m dhamma-vinayasmi.m saasana.m cira.m na pavattissati."

      8. Bimbisaara, the king of Magadha, took a golden pitcher filled with
      water, and pouring the water over the Buddha's hand, presented the
      pleasure garden, Ve.luvana, to the fraternity of monks with the Buddha
      at its head.
      bimbisaaro / raajaa / magadhassa / aadaaya / suva.n.namaya.m /
      ku.n.dika.m / pu.n.na.m / udakena / aakiranto / udaka.m / upari /
      hatthassa / buddhassa / upanaamesi / uyyaana.m / ve.luvana.m /
      sa`ngha.m / bhikkhuusu / buddhapamukha.m
      Udakena pu.n.na.m suva.n.namaya.m ku.n.dika.m aadaaya buddhassa
      hatthassa upari aakiranto magadhassa raajaa bimbisaaro buddhapamukha.m
      bhikkhuusu sa`ngha.m uyyaana.m ve.luvana.m upanaamesi.

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      Please correct me if there is any mistakes.

      Yong Peng.
    • Ong Yong Peng
      Dear friends, below is the link to NPC2 study guide, if you are looking for it. metta, Yong Peng. ... http://www.tipitaka.net/palicourseguide2.pdf
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        Dear friends,

        below is the link to NPC2 study guide, if you are looking for it.

        Yong Peng.

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