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Re: [Pali] Grasp method for learning Latin... for Pali?

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  • Piya Tan
    Dear Patrick, Latin is great; very close to Pali in form. Anyway, I think agnovit translates better as he realized, recognized . Here it would be close to
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 28, 2008
      Dear Patrick,

      Latin is great; very close to Pali in form.

      Anyway, I think "agnovit" translates better as "he realized, recognized".
      Here it would be close to sa~njaanaati (which of course can translate
      as "he perceives".

      Ave Buddhae!

      With metta,


      On Fri, Aug 29, 2008 at 3:26 AM, Patrick Hall <pathall@...> wrote:

      > Hi folks,
      > I have been following with interest for a while now on the Yahoo Pali
      > group, this is my first contribution. I'm a new learner. Beginner's
      > mind, and all that =]
      > I am a big language nerd, and have studied lots of languages in the
      > past. I find the challenges in studying Pali to be quite similar to
      > the challenges in studying Latin, because they have similar
      > typologies.
      > I was wondering if anyone here has ever run across the "Grasp" method
      > for studying Latin?
      > http://www.slu.edu/colleges/AS/languages/classical/latin/tchmat/pedagogy/gr-exp.html
      > It seems to me that this would be very helpful for studying Pali, too.
      > The site describes it in great detail, but basically it works like
      > this: you start with a very simple phrase, say:
      > Agnovit.
      > He perceived.
      > Tempus agnovit.
      > He perceived the time.
      > Vocationis suae tempus agnovit.
      > He perceived the time of his (own) call.
      > You build up understanding of complex sentences by starting with small
      > sub-sentences which are nonetheless complete and fully grammatical. I
      > found that this method for some reason helped things to stick in my
      > mind.
      > Obviously it would be a pretty big undertaking to try to produce a
      > similar method in Pali, but I thought I would bring up the topic just
      > to see what folks thought.
      > This is a great group, very happy to have found it. =]
      > metta,
      > Pat

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